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If Bangladeshi Americans make themselves competent, they can certainly be able to get established

Morshed Alam
A Renowned Writer and Thinker

There is a proverb that “Eating up the family’s resources and chasing a forest buffalo”. This proverb exemplifies those who selflessly serve the society. This saying applies to Morshed Alam who lives in the United States. The first and foremost identity of Morshed Alam is that he is a lifelong civic and Political activist, Fighting for new American right in USA.

Morshed Alam, a hero of progressive thought, was born in an educated aristocratic family of Bangladesh. When he was a high school student, the liberation war started in the country. Adolescent Morshed Alam took part in the war for the liberation of his motherland. He played an important role in conveying the news of the Pak aggressors to the freedom fighters. Bangladesh was able to achieve independence because there were fearless teenagers like him. He holds a masters degree with a Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Chemistry from Dhaka University.

At one stage he decided to come to the United States. Then, he came to the USA with his wife in 1984 for receiving higher education in chemistry. Later, he started working as chemist at a well-established company as he was experienced in chemistry. Chemist Morshed Alam is a proud Bangladeshi American who considers America as his own country just like Bangladesh. As a skilled and experienced chemist, he has been holding a key position in New York City Department of Environmental Protection since 1992.

Morshed Alam is organized in nature. He is well-known in the Bangladesh community. He was elected to the Queens School Board for twice. He has played a unique role in founding New American Democratic Association. He thinks, this organization serves as a support center for any new immigrants. He is the Executive Director of Bangladesh American Friendship Association. He contested in the New York State Senate election and got 42% votes.

Morshed Alam has received numerous civic awards for his outstanding contributions to the school board and the immigrant community. Assessing his social activities, he was invited to visit South Asian countries India, Bangladesh and Pakistan with President Bill Clinton. The New York City Council has recognized the participation of his community by voting for him as Voter Assistance Commissioner.
Humanitarian Morshed Alam thinks that the Bangladeshi community in America is still far behind. It is because of language problem and work based education which is fit for America. If we able to overcome these, we can able to get mainstream job otherwise we have to do ‘odd job’.

As a social worker, he is important not only to the community, but to many parts of the mainstream America. He believes that if Bangladeshi Americans make themselves competent, they can certainly be able to get established.
Morshed Alam and his wife are parents of three daughters. His wife and children are also involved in his various activities. He has set up a clinic for providing health services to his village people and introduced scholarships for poor and talented students. He has been instrumental in building and strengthening business relationships with American businesses in order to continue the prosperity of South Asia. He hopes, American investment in Bangladesh will also be increased and there will be massive industrialization in the country.


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