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I feel peace and proud when I can help someone

Mohammed Mahabub Alam Manik CIP
Chairman & Managing Director

Dr. Mohammed Mahabub Alam(Manik) was born in December 26, 1969. He brought up in a village of Cumilla, Bangladesh. His father Mohammed Abdul Aziz, was a high school head teacher by his profession. His mother Mehrune Nesa, was a housewife.
On October 02, 1995, He was married to Mosammet Jasmin Akter. Now, he is a father of four children. Mosammet Jasmin Akter is the Managing Director of Newmax Trading L.L.C and Partner of Tokyosat group of companies. She was awarded CIP (commercially important person) for achieving 8th position in the year of 2015 and 1st position in the year of 2016 by the Government of Bangladesh.
Mahabub Alam’s first daughter Maimona Akter (Liza) is doing a Bachelors of Medicine and Bachelors of Surgery (MBBS) in MAHSA University in Malaysia. His second daughter Moriom Akter doing Architectural Engineering at Herriot Watt University in Dubai and his two sons Abdullah Mehdi Al Mahbub and Zahid Ifran Al Mahbub are currently studying at Arab Unity School in Dubai.
In 1992, he migrated to Saudi Arabia for desire of establishing his own business. In Saudi Arabia, he started with a small shop where he managed to earn a manageable amount of money and thereafter he slowly started to build my business empire in Saudi Arabia. With passion, hard work and talent, he extended his business empire in countries like UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Malaysia, Oman, Brunei and Bangladesh. As an Innovative electronics and perfumes businessman, he has a vast experience in the field of electronics, satellite and perfumery products.
He has established more than 70 branches around the world. His methodologies are to deliver highly effective and creative solutions to business and technology challenges. He utilized highly attuned analytical skills to develop business strategies employing cutting-edge technologies to increase productivity. Consistently, he drives high standards of service through effective project management, communication, and strategic planning to develop and manage strong client relationships.
He is highly organized with strong capacity to prioritize workload, delegate deliverables and steer project completion within established deadlines.
He established a foundation in the name of his parents Abdul Aziz Mehrune Nesa Foundation in 2012 to meet the medical and educational needs of children. The foundation also makes contributions for the social cause such as flood and natural calamities such as the one happened in the city of Comilla and Chattogram. He also helps to the needy wherever he stays. He says, I feel peace and proud when I can help someone.



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