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“I am committed to reforming economy, police service and code of conduct for the people of Pennsylvania”

Dr. Nina Ahmad, Phd
Auditor General

She was supposed to be a doctor. She was also admitted to Dhaka Medical College. But she did not stay in the country as she got a scholarship from the United States. She moved to America at the age of 21. She holds a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Pennsylvania. In 1990, she has a Fellowship from Jefferson University in Molecular Genetics and Medicine specializes in digital advertising. She gained a wide reputation as a research scientist but she has earned more fame through making an important position in the mainstream American politics by winning election one after another. This luminary is Dr. Nina Ahmed, a daughter of Mymensingh, Bangladesh.
Dr. Nina Ahmed has recently won the election for the post ‘Auditor General’ in Pennsylvania, USA by five lakh votes. Her victory is not only for Bangladeshis, but for all Bengali speaking people in the world. She made history in the mainstream American politics by becoming the first Bangladeshi woman to hold the post of Auditor General. For the first time in the long 233-year history of mainstream American politics, a Bangladeshi and a non-white were fortunate enough to be elected for the post. Never before has a white candidate been defeated. The Democratic primary vote was held on June 2. Dr. Nina got about 465,000 votes. She defeated her main rival with a margin of 60,000 votes.
Dr. Nina Ahmed held an important position in the Barack Obama government in 2014. She was an advisor to the Asia-America Affairs Commission. The Pacific Islands were also covered by the commission.
She became the Deputy Mayor of Philadelphia City in 2015. As a result, she became active in politics. Nina Ahmed expanded her political activities in the state. She actively worked in other states as a leader of the Democratic Party. In 2018, she contested for the state’s lieutenant governor post. Knowing that her victory is decided, the opposition candidate has become able to change the constituency through the courts. For this reason, Dr. Nina Ahmed became a non-constituency candidate. As a result, she had to face defeat. But this Bangladeshi American intensified her activities. As a result, she has become undisputed leader of Bangladeshis in America through the election in 2020.
Bangladeshi American Dr. Nina Ahmed’s husband Ahsan Nasrullah was born in Bangladesh who is now a prominent businessman in Philadelphia. When her husband got success in business, Nina Ahmed engaged herself in politics quitting her job. She will campaign for Vice President Joe Biden’s front in the US next election. As a professional, she has worked as a scientist at Wills Eye Hospital and Thomas Jefferson Medical College.
Dr. Nina Ahmed is not only a scientist in the pharmaceutical industry as a politician or a professional but also a researcher. She has done a lot of research on welfare thinking of American life. She personally has a deep affection for Bengali language literature as well as literature of other languages. While living in Bangladesh, meritorious and handsome student Nina Ahmed participated in the Lux Beauty contest and became a ‘runner up’. She also practiced beauty in the midst of her busy political life. She thinks that awareness to beauty inspires people to their work.
Dr. Nina Ahmed is personally very modest and friendly. Her popularity in the Bangladesh community is skyrocketing because, she always thinks of the welfare of Bangladeshi people. In the midst of hundreds of activities, she used to take part different programs organized by Bangladeshis and highlight the importance of Bengali culture there. She always reminds the new generation of boys and girls about Bangladeshi which is their roots.

Dr. Nina Ahmed feels proud of the current development trend in Bangladesh. She is hopeful that Bangladesh will become a humanitarian state by overcoming all crises and partisan mentality. The improvement of law and order will be established in the country gradually.
Dr. Nina Ahmed thinks, this election is a proof that the people of Pennsylvania want a change. She is committed to restructuring the state’s economy, police service and judiciary. This Bangladeshi-American woman is also revered as an anti-apartheid leader. Everyone believes that Dr. Nina Ahmed will be able to strengthen her position in the USA mainstream politics in future.



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