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Hossain Khaled

Hossain Khaled
Managing Director
Anwar Group

Hossain Khaled is not only an entrepreneur but well-known in the country’s business community for his unique leadership qualities.
Embued with youthfulness, Hossain Khaled is the celebrated son of Late Anwar Hossain the founder of the country’s well-established Anwar Group of Industries. He is successful both at home & abroad. The name of his firm is AG Automobile Limited, Dhaka. He is the Managing Director of USA Remarks Franchise Ford Motor Company.
Hossain Khaled has been carrying out responsibilities of Anwar Group of industries as Director since 1995. This group is involved with both production and general trading. Industries and businesses involved with this group are- AG Auto Limited, Anwar Ispat Limited, Athena’s Furniture, Anwar Cement Limited, A-One Polymer Limited, Anwar Silk Mills Limited, Anwar Landmark Limited, Anwar Galvanizing Limited, Anwar Cement Sheet Ltd., Mehmud Industries Pvt. Ltd., Anwar Jute Spinning Mills Limited, Hossain Dyeing & Printing Mills Limited, BD Finance and Investment Company Ltd., Modhumoti Bank Ltd. He has vast experience in all sectors as Director of this group. He is also performing duties of a director of City Bank Limited.
Hossain Khaled is very meritorious and education-oriented since his childhood. He obtained BBA from Ohio University of Texas and MBA from Texas A&M University. On completion of Education, he joined his father’s Anwar Hossain Group of industries and enriched himself with experience.
Enlightened industrial personality of our times, Hossain Khaled is lucky enough to do the job of the Managing Director of the Industrial giant Group of the country.
‘Mala Saree’ belongs to this group, Anwar Brand tin and cement has earned the confidence of mass people of this country in every nook and corner. Highly educated & meritorious Hossain Khaled is the ex-President of Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI). He rendered crucial role in developing country’s trade & business while he was the President of DCCI. This group’s business circumference also spread to Banking sector. As Director of City Bank Ltd. and Modhumoti Bank Limited, Hossain Khaled has depth of knowledge about banking sector problems and prospects also. He opines that Loan default culture is a big obstruction to the way of Country’s economic development. He thinks that without stringent measures & legal actions by the government, recovery of default money is also very difficult. Legal way should be taken.
Hossain Khaled says more than six crore young people are now fit for work. They will get opportunity to work for next thirty years, and more youths will join them. They are invaluable property for Bangladesh. Only a number of countries, could be counted only in fingers who have such huge manpower. So very naturally, the ultimate development will invariably occur in this country of immense potentialities.
Hossain Khaled is a widely travelled man. Wherever he goes, he enriches himself with industry & business of that country. He thinks about our country’s industrial appraisals. Khaled thinks that if more than one crore expatriate Bangladeshis who live abroad could be imparted proper training, then their income could be 2/3 time more vis-a-vis country’s image to be brightened.
Hossain Khaled is very soft spoken, having gentle behavior with a good number of human qualities in him. He always dreams big. He firmly believes Bangladesh will reach her ultimate goal within a short passage of time. He urges to stop corruption in order to reach that target.
Hossain Khaled proposes certain measures to curb corruptions and one of those steps include paying employees of both public & private offices through banks only.
If so, the source of income could be notified. Additional income will automatically surface. So easily his/her illegal income could be notified. This blessed son of trade & commerce is highly optimistic in nature. He aspires a bright future for this country.

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