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“Majority of the 3rd World Countries Possess Significant Resources to Improve Their Own Economy Without Depending on Donors”

Hares Sayed
Engineer, Columbia government.
American Association of Bangladeshi Engineers and Architects, (AABEA)

Mr. Hares Sayed, professionally an engineer, works for the District of Columbia government. He is engaged in various civic and professional organizations and actively participates in various activities related to economic development, democratic process, and practices. He published many technical articles and presented many papers on science & technology, economic development, ethnic violence, and social changes. He was interviewed by Radio and TVs in the USA on various national and international issues.

Mr. Sayed, a social worker in the DC metro area and was involved with many organizations. He was the General Secretary of BAAI, President of American Association of Bangladeshi Engineers and Architects, (AABEA) Washington DC Chapter, President of AABEA Central Executive Committee of USA.

He participated in many Congressional Hearings related to national issues of Bangladesh. He worked as a liaison on sustainable economic development of Bangladesh between US and Bangladesh governments that includes the White House, US Congress, and US Department of States. Mr. Sayed influenced the US Department of State to extend their support to Bangladesh Apparel industries and arranged an emergency meeting between AABEA and US Ambassador in Bangladesh after the Rana Plaza disaster to keep the apparel branding un-impacted in US market. He raised many pressing issues with US administration including the negative impacts of Rohingyas on Bangladesh and asked US support for repatriation of Rohingyas back to their homeland.
Mr. Sayed is an author and published his book War, Violence, Terrorism, and Our Present World: A Timeline of Modern Democracy in 2017, which became the Amazon Best Seller in History of Wars/Colonialism genre. The e-book version of this book is still on the top 200 list. He also wrote a technical handbook for the Federal Emergency Management Administration to use as a guide for the National Flood Insurance Program. His 3rd book on Electoral Reform and Student Loan problems in the USA will be published and will be available on Amazon from July 2020.

He extensively travelled various parts of the world to understand public perceptions of those countries related to their on-going crises. He believes that majority of the 3rd world countries possess significant resources to improve their own economy without depending on donors. He spent about 7 years in former Soviet Union as student and possesses two Masters of Science degrees in Engineering from Soviet Union and United States of America and living in Washington metro area for the last 25 years with his wife and two children.


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