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SB Group Planning Expansions

Hafizur Rahman Babu
SB Group
Joytun Developers Limited

Hafizur Rahman Babu, the chairman of SB Group a leading business conglomerate in Bangladesh, is a determined and goal oriented business Bangladeshi personality. At the very childhood he had seen the devastation of the Liberation War of Bangladesh. He later became very passionate about contributing in his country’s development and economy. According to him working just for oneself is selfish which ends with the death of a person whereas working for others makes one memorable in the hearts of other even after his death.
Hafizur Rahman Babu was born on 18th May of 1962 in Fultola, Khulna remembered for being the home of the father-in-law of Rabindranath Tagore. He had spent his childhood in Khulna. He faced financial crisis in his early life. With a determination to change their fate his father taught him business at a young age. His father late Hazi Sheikh Hatem Ali was a businessperson and dedicated his life to educate his three sons empirically about business. They had a family trading business. His father passed away in 1985. Later on Hafizur Rahman Babu took initiatives to create a group of companies which only within two year successfully turned into Sheikh Brothers Group in 1987. Within the mutual effort and hardwork of him and his two brothers Sheikh Safiar Rahman and Rafiqul Islam SB Group is leading business arena of Bangladesh.
Hafizur Rahman Babu, with care and improvision led the SB Group to take part in Trading, Real Estate, Import and various other sectors in Bangladesh today. They are one of the largest Fertilizer,Wheat &Coal importers in Bangladesh. Hafizur Rahman Babu along with being the Chairman of SB group, the sister concerns of this Group are Sheikh Brothers Ltd; Joytun Developers Ltd; Sheikh Agro Food Industries Ltd;Joytun Securities International Ltd; Sheikh Cement Mills Ltd; Sheikh Shipping Lines Ltd; Arising Trade International Ltd.; Sun Shining Ltd; Venus Trade International Ltd; Joytun Auto Rice & Dal Mills Ltd;Sheikh Shipyard Ltd; Sharp Agro Crop Ltd; A very selective person in personal and business life Hafizur Rahman Babu has a great contribution in the country’s economy.
Hafizur Rahman Babu has a very unique nature of understanding things and chalenges with patience and care. Whenever any issue arises in the way he tries to solve it in a very sustainable process. He has a long-term visionary approach towards business. He opines, “Whenever a crisis stands in a business it is a learning. If one shows the patience towards solving the struggles he will eventually succed.” Hafizur Rahman Babu identified the emerging sectors in business from his start. Now he is thinking about business expansion into FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) sector. The group is going to invest in Sugar & Edible Oil Industry very soon. According to him there is a lot to do in Bangladesh in this arena. Joytun Developers Limited is a business entity which is working with three basic goals to be fulfilled in the Real Estate business. These goals are Home Security for the Middle Class, Sustainable Construction and the aesthetics of construction. He drew a specific idea in real estate sector regarding purchase capacity of middle class people. He targets the Joytun Developers Limited to be a star in the sky of real estate business with the increasing demand of home through the purchase capacity approach.
Hafizur Rahman Babu is a kind person to the disadvantaged people. He is a member of Dhaka Club and Gulshan Club Ltd. His hobbies are gardening, travelling. He has an iconic character of business personality pioneering many others.


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