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GFB Group Open For Joint Ventures Worldwide

Golam Faroque Bhuiyan
Chairman and Founder
GFB Group of Industries

As Bangladesh marches ahead with the whole world watching in awe, a handful of proud sons of this soil also have speedily reached the peak of success by dint of their dream, labour, smartness, and relentless efforts. Golam Faroque Bhuiyan is one such Bangladeshi by birth. He has attained the target of development of his group of companies, GFB, in the United States of America, the land of opportunities.
The GFB group is a rapidly growing group of diversified industries, each industry is unique in
design. GFB products are welcomed in various countries. This group comprises of Aromatic Innovations, Ninon Corporation, Ninon Realty & Orpheus Ltd. The members of this group brands are known worldwide. Golam Faroque Bhuiyan, a far-sighted entrepreneur personality.
This dream has made him so laborious in marching ahead towards development. The celebrated son of Bangladesh had been very meritorious since his childhood. He was born in a respectable family of Debidwar Upazila of Cumilla district. He obtained his SSC from Debidar High School, HSC from Cumilla Victoria Government College University, and Graduation from Dhaka University. Now he permanently lives in New Jersey Sayreville of the USA.
This courageous and laborious man with developmental thoughts established GFB Group of which he is the Founder Chairman. He firmly believes, “If you think in the right way and can proceed in a planned way, any endeavor will be fulfilled. His far-sighted dream, dynamic professional leadership has been accelerating GFB Group to march ahead. Golam Faroque is a smart, creative person, as he is smart in personal life, he has been maintaining modernity everywhere.
Golam Faroque Bhuiyan thinks a lot about the expatriate Bangladeshis in USA who are doing odd job which gives a negative impulse among other foreigners in the USA. Faroque proved that Bangladesh expatriates are also successful. Foreigners are also working in his group of companies side by side Bangladeshis. Golam Faroque Bhuiyan is well-known in New York as a cultural activist. He took part in many literary-cultural events in New York and the cultural personalities who go to New York are blessed with his hospitalities. He is also the guiding force behind arranging Annual New York Book Fair.
Mr. Bhuiyan is driven in excellence, relentless hard worker and a compassionate leader with welcoming attitude. GFB group welcomes any entrepreneurial group for joint venture and investment here in USA and any other country of the globe.
At Aromatic Innovations, the company constantly strives to offer creative and innovative fragrances to satisfy our clients’ needs while helping to build their brands. The company’s core value is focusing on its customer’s needs and delivering that laser-like focus with state-of-the-art service. The company always does its best to fulfill the wishes of its customers by listening to their needs and requests and creating fragrances with ethereal qualities meeting the high standards that the clients expect and deserve. To GFB Group clients are partners.
The company has an excellent team of dedicated professionals with experience and passion.


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