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“Despite Political Indifference, We Should all Unite For National Interest”

Giash Ahmed
Jackson Heights Bangladeshi
Business Association (JBBA)
New York, USA

Many Bangladeshis are now living in various countries of the world while they are working there for gainful jobs. Some people went there with jobs but some are doing businesses. These businessmen are not only changing their fortune but also developing the country. Giash Ahmed is one of them. He is the President of America-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce. He is the President of America’s reputed Real Estate Company ‘Queus Home Real Estate Corp’. A son of the times, entrepreneur business personality, conscious politico Giash Ahmed is the Regional Vice-President of American Communication Network. He is the President of Immigrant. ‘Home come me & Immigrant elderly Home care LLC.’ Meritorious and organizing since boyhood, Giash Ahmed studied at Joypara Pilot High School and Dohar Nababganj College. He also studied at Government Titumir College, Dhaka. Later, he obtained higher degree in Marketing from Ohio State University, USA. He obtained degree in Law from Darul Ihsan University. While in the United States of America in search of luck he could not stay aside from politics, and he was the President of Chhatra Dal. He was the former Secretary of the BNP International Communication Affairs Central Committee. He was the President of New York BNP and former senior Vice-President of USA, well-known International Organization Federation of Bangladesh Association of North America (FOBANA) former Chairman & former Convener.


Celebrated son of Dohar, a few miles of Dhaka city, Giash Ahmed is very courageous and open-minded since his childhood. He is always uncompromising in question of Country and the Nation. He says that Bangladesh has not proceeded in the way after Liberation as she has progressed. Political impasse, torture on opposition political parties & autocracy to be held responsible for this. He further opines that despite political indifference, for National interest, we all should unite.
The America-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce president says regarding countries trade & business- only tall-talk does not mean business oriented government. We need to take appropriate measures. Keeping bank loan

interest high, a government cannot be a business-oriented. Though much talked about huge development, not necessary road & highways and other infrastructures are in existence. Many industries and factories are closed due to crisis of power and gas supply. Many are on the verge of collapse. He adds- corruption has multiplied. Regarding giant National Budget, he says the present government lacks transparency & accountability which breeds corruption & rampant loot. The more budget is fatty, the more will be loot of public money. Giash Ahmed is also involved in American Politics too. He was a Candidate for New York State Senator since 2002 from Republican Party of Queens District-13 seat.
The US expatriate Giash Ahmed is very uncompromising since his boyhood. He came to USA in 1987 with student visa. He got admitted to Ohio University. He got involved in student politics here also. He gave leadership in the movement of restoration of democracy in Bangladesh against the then autocratic ruler Ershad. He also took part in the movement and lobbing against the then caretaker government of Fakhruddin and Moinuddin in front UN Headquarters, Capital Hills, White House and US State Department. He also worked for freedom of two leaders-Sheikh Hasina and Khaleda Zia. His movement for emancipation of democracy in the Nineties and afterwards was very vibrant. As an entrepreneur businessman and a conscious political man, he was one of the pioneers Bangladesh congressional right now 40 persons have been included as Bangladesh Congressman. These Congressmen speak in the interest of Bangladesh in the US Congress and also outside. He visited Bangladesh twice as an entourage of US congressman. He spoke to Bangladesh authority against killing beyond any judicial authority, Human rights preservation and bilateral issues between USA and Bangladesh. He with Congressman Joseph Crowner inaugurated ‘Asian University for Women’ in Chittagong. The University was established with the financial aid of World Bank, United Nations and other countries including USA.
Giash Ahmed introduced Bengali Language in different American organizations due to his intense patriotic feelings. He also helped not to take any examination on Muslim holiday including Eid.
A bright and smart entrepreneur and business personality Giash Ahmed says we hear the story of development from abroad which seems encouraging but when we hear news of murder, missing, rape, then we really get depressed. He is optimistic saying that democracy will finally return to Bangladesh and elected government will take us to the path of progress & prosperity.


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