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Fadiah Khan
Summit Group
Summit Communications Ltd.

Ms. Fadiah Khan comes from an entrepreneurial business family. She is able to establish her position in the Summit Group through her talent, ability, effort and perseverance. She is the Director of Summit-Communications Limited and Summit Technopolis Limited which are concerns of the giant Summit Group. Summit Group is one of the largest Bangladeshi conglomerates. The industries under this conglomerate include communication, trading, shipping, energy and power.
Ms.Khan has been endowed with talent and intellect since childhood. She completed her International Baccalaureate (IB) from United World College of South East Asia and thereafter in 2010 completed her Bachelors of Science in Biotechnology from George Mason University, Virginia while fulfilling the major required classes from Harvard University, Massachusetts. In 2014, Ms. Khan completed her Master’s in Business and Finance Management from University College London (UCL), UK.
In addition to higher education, she has involved herself in Summit Group’. In the beginning, she proved her efficiency in mega power infrastructure projects.
From 2011, interested in nanotechnology, Ms. Khan engaged herself with Summit Communications Limited with a role to set strategy, HR developments and organizational development agenda. Together with the IT team, she has devised inventory, human resource management and project management software, as she believes that the success of any business lies in internal efficiency coupled with gratified employees. She is also involved in other strategic matters and projects at Group level.
Alongside the corporate aspects of Summit Communications Ltd, Ms. Khan believes to connect every household in Bangladesh with world class multi-media services with the objective to help develop a Digital Bangladesh. And connectivity should not be considered a novelty and thereby is working on extending basic connectivity to the most rural areas of Bangladesh as a social responsibility. Ms. Khan began her professional career by training at the various companies within Summit Group, initially involving herself in the mega infrastructure projects
The mission of Summit Communications Limited isestablish and operate state-of-the-art telecommunication transmission network for the country’s ICT and Telecom sector. And To innovate and implement state-of-the-art transmission technology with durable, reliable, scalable and affordable service quality.
Summit Communications Limited has already made steady and consistent progress building the largest fiber optic network infrastructure in Bangladesh with access to over 47000+ km of high quality fiber optic network and voice/data Gateways.
Fadiah Khan, an advanced thinker, believes that Bangladesh is a country with a very promising economy. An extensive industrialization is taking place in the country through the initiatives of private sector. In that case, the Summit Group has been providing extensive assistance to ensure power supply and information technology. She says, Bangladesh has already been able to come out of the country of poor economy with the contribution of private sector like other sectors. She is optimistic that if the trend of development continues, Bangladesh will soon be able to become a developed country.

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