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Mr. Shah-Halim received a lifetime achievement award from President Biden.

Shah Haleem
Ex-president at Federation of Bangladeshi Associations in North America (FOBANA)
President at Joshua Ventures LLC
President at Shah Haleem Brokerage LLC
President at Maggie Properties Management LLC
President at ASTM Ventures LLC
Vice President at ARSM Investments LLC

Shah M Haleem, an American of Bangladeshi descent, has been able to become an established figure in business and social arena through his development thinking, honesty, self-confidence, dedication and sincerity. Shah M Haleem, who lives in Houston, USA, is a member of the Fort Bend Country investment Advisory Committee and former chairman of newly Bangladesh Association, Houston.
Shah M Haleem, pride of Bangladeshis and an enlightened entrepreneur, is the President of Metro Living LLC, Joshua Ventures LLC, Shah Haleem Brokerage LLC, Magic Properties Management LLC and ASTM Ventures LLC. He is the Founder of SMZS Holdings LLC and Vice-President of ARSM Investments LLC. Shah M Haleem is the Precinct Chair and Volunteer of Fort Bend County Democratic Party.

Shah M Haleem served as Chairman of the Federation of Bangladeshi Associations in North America (FOBANA) in 2019-20. Prior to that, he was also served as Executive Secretary of FOBANA. Shah Haleem is a former Alumni Citizens Academy and Volunteer of Drug Enforcement Agency Houston, Texas.
Shah M Haleem also worked as a Computer Network Analyst at Cardinal Health from 1996 to 2007. He was the Technical Teacher of ITT Technical Institute from 2004 to 2006. He was a member of the Mayor Office of Trade and International Affairs from 2013 to 2015 and worked as a team member of Body Camera Technology at Haris Country Sheriffs Office in 2016.

Shah Haleem has also shined during his academic journey. He got a degree in Computer Information Systems and Business from the University of Houston-Downtown (UHD) in 1996. He graduated from Real Estate School. He is widely known as Shah to Bangladeshis expats in Houston, Texas.
Shah M Haleem is very proud to be a citizen of Houston, Texas. He has taken initiative to promote the Bangladesh culture here. Shah M Haleem played an important role to celebrate the historic days of Bangladesh such as 21st February, 26th March, 16th December and the Bengali New Year (Pahela Boishakh) in Houstan. He also encourages the Hindu community to celebrate Diwali.

He is also a pioneer of Bangladesh American Cultural Center. At his initiative, BAH Picnic 2021 was held in 2021. He was one of the top pioneers of the function. The hard work that Shah Haleem has put in to establish the Bangladesh American Center for more than 20 years, has come true today. Through this center, he has taken initiative to promote Bengali culture and heritage worldwide. He thinks that Bangladesh has a glorious history of fifty years in terms of history and tradition.


Shah Mujahidul Haleem (Shah M Haleem) was born in a historically aristocratic and educated family at Bezpur village under Kashiani upazila of Gopalganj, Bangladesh. His father Shah Md Abdul Haleem was a shining star in the politics of the country. He established Jatiya Chhatra Shakti while studying at Dhaka University. As a labor leader, he was a national figure. He was the organizing secretary of the central committee of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP). Shah Haleem was later involved in journalism for some time during his student life. He also wrote a book titled ‘Bangladesh Labor Cases’.
Shah M Haleem’s mother’s name is Sayeda Khaleda Haleem Keya. She is the daughter of Syed family of Pukuria in Magura. The ancestor of Shah M Haleem is Rustom Ali (R), one of the 360 Auliyas, who came with Hazrat Shah Jalal (R) to this country from the Middle East to preach the religion. His tomb is at Bezpur in Kashiani.
Shah Mohammad Abdul Haleem, the father of Shah Mujahidul Haleem, was a potential leader in the politics of this country. He was involved in labor movement in the country. He established a friendly-relationship with the workers and employers so that the garment sector in Bangladesh would not be affected. He was able to persuade the employer to protect the interests of the workers. He believed that industry is useless without workers and workers do not exist without industry. Due to his development thinking, the then leadership of BGMEA respected him. After his death in a road accident on March 21, 1986, a Dua Mahfil was organized at the BGMEA building for the eternal peace of his departed soul.
It is mentionable that after the death of Shah Mohammad Abdul Haleem, many ministers and leaders including Vice-President AKM Nurul Islam, BNP Chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia went to his residence to convey condolence. The then President Hussein Muhammad Ershad issued a statement expressing grief on his death.
Shah Abdul Haleem was not only popular as a student leader of Dhaka University but also as a labor and BNP leader.
Among the two sons and two daughters of Shah Abdul Haleem, better known and respected as an educated labor leader of the country, is Shah Mujahid Ul Haleem who is well known as Shah M Haleem. Although they were born in Dhaka, their children spent most of their early life in the village at the behest of their father. He wanted that his sons get enough time to know about the village and its people. They need to give the opportunity to feel the smell of soil.
Shah M Haleem did not deviate from his father’s thoughts. Although he is a top level entrepreneur and social worker in America, He has been working globally to establish the image of Bangladesh and accelerate the development of this country.


As a student, Shah M Haleem was meritorious and holds an undergraduate degree with honors from the University of Houston, Texas. He received many medals and honors in recognition of his success in his career. A cover story has been published in The House and Land magazine about him as a real estate executive.
As President of the Bangladesh Association Houston, he was awarded the ‘Best Organization Award’ in New Jersey. In addition, 197 charity organizations among 3,000 listed organizations across America were recognized as top organizations. He received an award in recognition of this achievement.
In 2018, he received the Leadership Award from many organizations, including the BNA SINA Foundation. In 2018, as a team member of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, he wrote about the Police Body Chamber’s policy. He received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Bangladesh Association Executive Board in 2019.


Shah M Haleem must get success as he has a tradition in his bloodstream. His father Shah Abdul Haleem was a top politician of Bangladesh. He was also quite popular as an educated labor leader. Shah M Haleem, the son of an accomplished politician father, is also active in mainstream American politics. He has been nominated by the party chairman to serve as the Executive Assistant of the Bend County Democratic Party.
He has been the Director of Bangladesh American Center since 2019 and served as member of the Executive Committee of FOBANA in 2020-21. In 2019, he was elected as member of advisory board of party and economic development by Fort Bend County Commissioner Mr. Keu De Merchant. He also worked in the Fort Bend County Economic Council County Commissioner’s Court in the same year. In 2019-20, he served as chairman of FOBANA. From 2012 to 2016, he was the chairman of the Bangladesh Association, Houston, which has about 20,000 members. In 2020, he nationally provided food for families affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2021, he helped the people of Harris & Fort Bend Country to get the Covid-19 vaccines.

Shah M Haleem is friendly and hospitable in terms of personal and organizational activities. In 2013, he gave reception to the US Ambassador to Bangladesh Dan Mozena as an invited guest at the Houston Petroleum Club. In 2015, he invited Bangladesh Ambassador to the US Mohammad Zahiruddin as a guest. He also invited Ambassador to the US M Shafiqul Islam to Houston as a guest.
He initiated coordinated meetings and exchange of views with the leaders of church, mosque and temple to maintain social peace and harmony.

As a conscious person, Shah M Haleem has also been playing an important role in conducting anti-drug activities. In this regard, he has spoken on various occasions including the Bangladesh community. He also received a Houston DEA Citizen Academy certificate after completing 9-week training. He has helped in raising funds for many charities in Houston. He also collaborates through various activities to create career opportunities.
Shah M Haleem, a dedicated soul to social work, helps people of the city in various ways during any natural calamity including food aid. He used to stand beside the residents of flood-hit Louisiana and Houston in particular.
Shah M Haleem has always been working with other leaders to build public opinion against various forms of terrorism in the international arena. He has been playing an active role in eradicating terrorism. For this, he is leading an organization named ‘Standing Against Global Terrorism’.

Shah M Haleem used to write poems when he was a child. His affection for art and culture has always been deep. He presents the directional culture in various TV talk shows and radio. He worked with many churches and religious organizations and delivered speeches to express cultural diversity.
Shah M Haleem established a free clinic in 2011 for the destitute and helpless people. He is thinking of establishing a permanent clinic in the Alief area. He founded the Sudan Language School in 2011 which offers an opportunity for older adults to learn English. This is a good initiative of Bangladesh American Center. He has been leading cultural and social events in Greater Houston since 2009.
Shah M Haleem has arranged sports events for Bangladeshi Americans in Houston. He has been interested in sports since 2011 by organizing basketball games for the youth of Alief in Houston. e has made significant contributions to the establishment of the Bangladesh American Center. He is also the Executive Director of Public Relations at the Center.
Despite being an established businessman in a developed country like America, Shah M Haleem always thinks about his motherland. “People can never forget their motherland. She or he must have feelings about his or her roots,” he said.

Recalling his late father Shah Abdul Haleem, a prominent politician and labor leader of Bangladesh, Shah M Haleem said that he had visited our village and given us the opportunity to interact with the common people. As a result, we have come to know the real picture of Bangladesh and the socio-economic condition of the people. He said, “I rush to Bangladesh whenever I get a chance and do something for the people of my beloved homeland out of compassion.”
He is also working for the development of Americans of Bangladeshi descent in Houston, USA. He said, “Although I am a Bangladeshi by birth, I am an American due to my work and permanent residence.” He is an entrepreneur, businessman and politician. He is also a social worker which he inherited from his late father.

Shah Haleem gets prestigious

‘‘Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award-2021’

Bangladeshi American Mr. Shah Haleem has been accorded with the prestigious ‘Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award-2021’ by the US President Joe Biden and the White House.  He is the first Bangladeshi -American to receive such distinguished Presidential award in 2021 for his life long service to the community and volunteer services in the USA.

Shah Haleem, a successful entrepreneur and real estate investor. He is an immediate former Chairperson of FOBANA, has served six years as the Chairperson of Bangladesh Association, Houston. He also served in city Mayors and county economic, international trades and social services advisory boards for many years. He worked tirelessly with his team to raise money to establish the first Bangladesh American Center in Houston which under currently construction in North America. As father and husband he teaches his family similar values for serving others first.

Expressing his feelings after receiving the prestigious award’, Shah Haleem said, “Working as a volunteer at Bangladesh Association and Bangladesh American Center, local inner city churches and non profits for social causes for the last 25 years have been big part of my life. For over 20 years, I have been involved with Houston Food Bank and a number of mainstream and local nonprofit organizations in Houston and North America to benefit poor and unfortunate families.

“Supporting needy families, working with activist groups including the fight against hate groups and social injustice, is a big part of that. This is my personal and social life.

“I received the highly prestigious “Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award’ from President Joe Biden and the White House at a ceremony in Houston on the evening of November 12, 2021. I deeply appreciate the recognition and I express my deepest gratitude and heartfelt thanks to all for being part of my journey to social services,” he further added.


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