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Everyone dreams of having own home and we work for this purpose

Abdulaziz Khan, CIP
Owner & Managing Director
A.K. Real Estate W.L.L

Many people dream, but a few can make it true. To materialize dreams, we need pursuit, perseverance and move forward by setting goals. Abdulaziz Khan, CIP is an expatriate entrepreneur and visionary. He has prominence as a real estate businessman in Qatar.
The enlightened business personality living in Qatar came from a business family in Ishwardi of Pabna in Bangladesh. He was born on February 1, 1965. His father’s name is late Abul Hossain Khan and mother late Surja Vhanu. In the name of parents, Abdulaziz Khan has formed a trust through which he provides assistance to the needy and helpless people of the area in times of various calamities. From a young age, Abdulaziz Khan had a cherish to go abroad. Hearing of his interest, his parents laughed and prayed fervently. His wish came true in 1989.

Abdulaziz Khan, a young entrepreneur, went to Qatar on January 5, 1989 for job purposes. He worked for Qatar Petrochemical Company for 5 years. He later started foodstuffs business and ran it for six years. His dream of becoming a big business entrepreneur was always in his mind. At one stage he chose Qatar’s real estate business.

He founded Al Dilham Trading & services;
Real estate, rent a car, cafe, since 2001 till 2013 and from 2013 till the date, Abdulaziz khan real estate W.L.L. and engaged himself in this business. A thought has worked in him behind choosing this business. He thinks that every human has a desire for his own home and we work for this purpose. He thinks it is possible to benefit people besides running this real estate business as well. Another thing is that through this business, relationships can be formed with many people. Abdulaziz Khan, an enterprising and forward-thinking man, has settled his business. At present, he is very popular in real estate sector in Qatar especially in the Bangladeshi community.

Abdulaziz Khan has invested in real estate business in different places. He also rents some apartments. Regarding business experience, he understands the needs of any standard of people. Now, many are reminded of Abdulaziz Khan Real Estate W.L.L to find their own homes. Abdulaziz Khan is a loyal businessman. He is a patriotic Bangladeshi. Though he is leading a luxurious life in abroad but he does not forget his country even for a moment. He sends money to his own country earning from abroad because he knows how important foreign currency is to the country. For the foreign expatriates like them, Bangladesh’s foreign exchange reserves are growing day by day and it has already surpassed 35 billion dollars.
Abdulaziz Khan has been awarded four times as a Commercial Important Person (CIP) by the Government of Bangladesh for his contribution as a successful businessman. He has been elected CIP for 2009, 2013, 2017 and 2019. His father was a well-known businessman in Ishwardi. They had a bakery business during the Pakistan period. Following his father’s footsteps, he became a businessman.

Abdulaziz Khan, lively and friendly in nature, is the Joint Secretary General of the NRB CIP Association, Qatar and an advisor to the Bangladesh Community in Qatar. He is not involved in any party politics, but his politics is the politics of development of Bangladesh. He believes if the country is free from corruption and if all political parties work together for development without any discrimination, Bangladesh will be able to achieve its desired goal.


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