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Everybody should think big and positive

Kamanashis Deb
Bangladesh Community,
Saskatchewan, Canada

Bangladeshi Canadian Kamanashis Deb is one of the proud sons of Bangladesh, who has brightened the image of Bangladesh abroad through his efforts and successful career. He is an established entrepreneur in Canadian real estate sector. He is the Realtor of Royal LePage Canada. He has been running real estate business in Saskatoon, Canada and surrounding areas for over nine years. He has been elected as the president of the Bangladesh community in Saskatchewan. Under his skillful and sincere leadership, Bangladeshis in the region of Canada are live with dignity through mutual relations.
Hailing from Sylhet, Kamanashis Deb has studied at Sylhet Aided High School and My Dawson College. He has graduated from Bangladesh with a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) and went to Switzerland for higher studies. After studying there, he came to Canada in 2006 and became an immigrant citizen. During his early days in Canada, he had to do odd job. In 2006, he got a job of dishwasher in a hotel. It was his beginning. He was committed that he will earn money through works. If he does this sincerely, he must be successful one day.
This self-confident man did not have to wait long to get a success in life. In 2009, he has become the owner of a restaurant. Thus, he started his entrepreneurial life. He has got huge success in life by dint of hard work, perseverance and an indomitable desire to be established. He is currently the CEO of YXE Immigration, President of East-West Investment & Property Management, Director of Sask BD Foods International Ltd, director of EWC Management Inc. and Realtor of Royal LePage Varsity. He has already won 6 medals and awards as a Realtor through his performance. These include the Diamond Award, Directors Platinum Award, President Sold Award, and Royal LePage highest Award of Excellence 2016 & 2017.
He plays a leading role in socio-cultural initiatives of the Bangladesh community in Saskatchewan. This organization-minded individual is very generous in nature. He used to support the Folk Fest arranged by the Bangladesh community and other events financially as well as coordinating food chairs and providing and raising funds for a long period of time. For this reason, he is a very popular figure among the members of Bangladesh community.
As an entrepreneur, he is an active member of the Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce, an organization dedicated to mainstream Canadian business.
As a human, Kamanashis Deb is enthusiastic, sincere, hardworking and dedicated to the field of personal business success. Besides, he has a lot of interest and affection to work for the community. He always highlights the community to others through improving community activities.
Kamanashis Deb is a conscious and knowledgeable person. He believes, “Everybody should think big and positive. His appeal to others not to listen to people who say it is not possible. According to him, success will come if you work with honesty and sincerity. He believes, time is short to think of life, so work must be done fast with care.
Kamanashis wife’s name is Swarna Deb. The couple is blessed with a 4-year-old daughter. Being successful in his career, Deb is proud to be a son of Bangladesh.
“We, the Bangladeshi immigrants in Canada, nurture the Bengali culture here,” he said.


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