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Establishing rights of asian-americans : my challenging and cool-killing mission

Radwan Chowdhury
AA Global Solutions (AAGS)

Radwan Chowdhury who lives in Washington D.C is one of the successful Bangladeshi entrepreneurs abroad. He is the founder and chairman of AA Global Solutions (AAGs), a top-level technology consulting firm in the USA. Besides, he is the CEO of Foody, a well-known food supplying restaurant. It is a chain restaurant, which supplies food fast as per demands.
Radwan Chowdhury plays an important role in doing social activities. He is the of the chairman of the board of UDiON Foundation, an international non-profit organization based in the USA that works with underprivileged children and their families particularly to stop child labor, extend educational opportunities and provide access to healthcare.
Radwan Chowdhury worked as Consulting Engineer at Department of the Treasury and United States Navy as well as CEO of AMC Group. He is a social activist and a devoted soul of human well-being. He served as Chairperson of Jacksonville Mayor Asian American Advisory Board (MAAAB), and Council Member of Jacksonville Public Service Grant (PSG) Commission. In addition, he performed duties as a board director for many profit and non-profit organizations. Since his childhood, he always thinks about the welfare of society. During his student life, he used to think about the sufferings of poor people and tries to help them. In course of time, this mentality helps him become a renowned social worker. For his social and philanthropic activities, Radwan Chowdhury has been accorded with many awards by which he has brightened the image of Bangladesh in abroad.
Radwan Chowdhury has received the Life Time Service Award “Call to Service” awarded by President Barak Obama in 2011. He not only earned this award but also the image of Bangladesh has been enriched through his achievement. He has been listed as Most Influential Asian American after getting Diversity and Inclusion Award accorded by El-Beth Development Center. He was nominated for OneJax Humanitarian Award in 2015 for getting NE FL by Indo-US Chamber of Commerce.
Apart from, his business success, initiatives and skills have given him more opportunities to stand beside the needy people. He provides educational assistances and works to eradicate poverty from the society which has been made possible due to his good qualities. By doing these activities, he feels relieved. As a business entrepreneur, he possesses the quality of a perfect personality. As a human being, he has profound humanity which has made him an extraordinary one.
Radwan Chowdhury is a luminary and renowned author. He has authored 10 textbooks, 2 of them are in the syllabi of private schools in Bangladesh. He has also penned a poetry book as well as an essay bookconsisting 25 articles.
His wife Hz Radwan Hena is an educated and intelligent woman. It is mentionable that RadwanChowdhury has distributed food and relief goods among the poor and helpless people during the coronavirus crisis.
Radwan Chowdhury believes “Education is the best way to end the cycle of poverty, the exploitation of children and go ahead towards the path of development”. He has shared and highlighted his thoughts and views while speaking at many national and international conferences. His most challenging and cool-killing mission is to establish rights of Asian-Americans and democratic changes. He hopes, “Let the equal opportunity and justice to be established for all the citizens of the United States.”



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