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Eonomic development can be accelerated through building up relationship between the communities across the world

Mohd. Shahiduzzaman
Bangladesh Business Chamber of Singapore
Managing Director
Shahid Travel & Tours PTE Ltd.

Bangladesh is no longer a small country. Now she is spread across the World. Almost one crore people of Bangladesh are expatriate workers working all over the World. Bangladesh passport holders have consolidated their positions in these countries to boost up the economic activities of these Nations. Middle East, Singapore and Malaysia are prominent among those countries. Labour and Business acumen of Bangladesh expatriates are linked with the development of these countries. Mohd Shahiduzzaman is one of those proud Bangladeshi. He has established himself as a successful businessman in Singapore, a developed Nation of the World. He is the founder of Shahid Group of Companies. This group is simultaneously working in Singapore and Bangladesh in the field of travel services, tourism, service apartments trading and so many other business enterprises. Mohd Shahiduzzaman was born in Chuadanga, Bangladesh. His father is Late Haji Mohd Shamsuzzoha and mother Shahida Begum. He studied at Dhaka Residential Model School & College. He obtained his Honors & Master Degree in Psychology from university of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Mohd Shahiduzzaman was not only busy in his study while he was a student. He was the President of Chuadanga Chhatra Kalyan Samity in Dhaka for long five years. He strongly believes that the development of his Motherland and creating opportunities to serve, compatriot Bangladeshis and also to implement is the main objective. This successful Bangladeshi,
Mohd Shahiduzzaman believes that if the promising people of Bangladesh could be given right direction, then this country would be a developed Nation within ten years only. He noted that the main characteristics Bengalese are- they are very self reliant and hard working. As they can work hard their high demand is across the globe. While speaking about himself, he said that each and every person should have a high flown dream. If so, efforts will be tremendous. This will ultimately bring good result. He came to Singapore in 1995, as an Executive of a travel agency. During that time, he used to earn SGD 1500 per month. And being a highly educated Youngman, he used to share a common room with other two persons and slept on floor mattress. To fulfill the objective of his life, he used to work 7 days of the week and almost 15 hours per day. And to save money, he used to walk to his work place at Kitchener Road in Singapore. Because he realized that only hard work could pave the way to success and prosperity. If a person could save money and particular in spending money, then he could build a business enterprise with the saved money.
He started his business; SHAHID TRAVEL & TOURS PTE LTD in 2002. He became Singapore Citizen in 2004. In 2007 he establishes a lucrative service apartment business named SHAHID APARTMENTS PTE LTD. In the same year he also opens a company named FAHMI SINGAPORE PTE LTD. In the year 2008 he establish a trading company named SHAHID INTERNATIONAL PTE LTD, which is the GSA for Regent Airways. In 2008, he has involve in electronics and computer accessories business named as ABC NETWORK PTE LTD. Over the years in Singapore Mohd Shahiduzzaman has establish himself as a renowned businessman. Shahid Group of Companies has created a good reputation in Singapore market, he has received SME PRESTIGE AWARD in 2015 and SINGAPORE 500 ENTERPRISE in 2018.
In 2010, Mohd Shahiduzzaman has organize to establish a business chamber for Bangladeshi businessman who is residing in Singapore. He was the founder organizing secretary and currently he is the president of Bangladesh Business Chamber of Singapore (BDCham). He is doing community service work in Singapore since 2000, he was the president of Singapore Bangladesh Society (SBS) in 2014-2016. Currently he is playing a vital role in advisory committee of Singapore Bangladesh Society.
Currently he is closely working with Singapore Business Federation (SBF) and other social organization in Singapore. Mr. Shahid is a hardworking, renowned and humble business person and committed to do social work in Singapore as well as Bangladesh.


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