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Entering into the USA market as Entrepreneur means Establishing Links with world business chain

Muhammad Kader
Readymade Garments Manufacturer,
Household Plastic Product Manufacturer
Real Estate, Shipping & IT Industry

Muhammad Kader is a New York-based young Entrepreneur with extensive Wall Street-based experience. He is a Talented Business Graduate having a degree from The City University of New York (CUNY) & Dhaka University (DU).
After completing education, many youths don’t run after jobs rather they offer jobs to others as entrepreneurs. Muhammad Kader is one of them. The talented entrepreneur with knowledge of modern technology is the Founder of Communicate Technology LLC &Kaylee Kader Holdings Inc. He is also the Chairman of Kashif Apparels Industry Ltd & New Raja Plastic Industries Ltd based in Dhaka Bangladesh and beside this, he is President of New York-based The YorkTex Apparel Inc& North America Shipping & Logistics Inc.
A confident Muhammad Kader is one of the top leaders of America Bangladesh Business Alliance (ABBA). He played an important role in the 11th business summit in 2019. This enterprising businessman opines, “Entering into the US market as an entrepreneur means establishing link-up with the world business chain. It is used as a key to success for many businesses. Regarding this, he says, the most effective way of entering this market is to open a corporation in America by which the facility of least tax rate of the largest world market can be enjoyed. When you form a corporation, you will get assistance from expert people and institutions regarding many things including immigration, import, export, international tax, real estate, and suppliers. Muhammad Kader is very benevolent and provides free legal advice to entrepreneurs about- what kind of business will be preferable for you and how will you start a business, what kind of documents will require, what type of company can be run, or which state can be run. He used to give free consultations and assistance to those people who want to become entrepreneurs. He is a member of the different world-renowned organizations that enhanced his practical experience. He is a proud member of Asia Society, USPAACC, Greater New York Chamber of Commerce, AMCHAM, ABBA, DCCI, BGMEA, BKMEA, BPGMA, ATAB, BASIS, and SME Foundation. Also, He is an Internationally Renowned Speaker on Leadership, Real Estate Investing, IT Startup, Franchisee set up, Pre IPO Investment, Entrepreneurship, and Finance.
The entrepreneur spirit is in his genes & Problem solving is a fun task for him. His New York-based venture The YorkTex Apparel Inc is a proud Vendor of ROSS Stores Inc whose has almost 1400 stores across the USA. Besides this YorkTex Apparel is the vendor of BELLS, EASY PICKIN, ABS STORE, FORMAN MILLS & United Fashion of Texas.
His venture Kaylee Kader Holdings Inc is a unique concept for real estate investors with the slogan ‘Income Producing Housing’ which was featured on different International Print & Electronics media. Kaylee Kader Holdings Inc proudly owned ‘Bangladesh Plaza’ based in Buffalo, NY.
Communicate Technology LLC is an IT Solution company, It is providing IT training & as well It is doing branding & identity, web design & development, mobile apps development, CMS, SEO & software development.
CTL has a unique ‘School Information Management System’ (SIMSBD) software that is recognized by a lot of Bangladeshi Educational Institutes. It has other unique software which is SHOPNHAUL that is a platform for shopping from foreign any e-commerce site & gets deliver at the doorstep through international shipping & pay through local currency.
Muhammad Kader’s entire manufacturing units are operated through skilled operator & corporate management. His both manufacturing unit Kashif Apparels Industry Ltd. is a 100% Export oriented readymade garments manufacturer & New Raja Plastic Industry Ltd. is an export-oriented household plastic product manufacturer is a multi- award winning company and its reputation is built upon solid relationships and an understanding of its client’s staffing needs. He opines, Bangladesh needs labor density entrepreneurship a lot by which the unemployment problem will be solved as well as the country’s economy will be strengthened through increasing productivity. He says, Bangladesh is not only going to achieve self-sufficiency in food but also self-reliance economically. The foreign currency reserve has now been more than 35 billion. Bangladesh has now become a low middle-income country. The country will become a developed one soon.
Mr. Kader a man of many gifts. He works with United Nations for SDG 2030 & WHRD locally and across the nation. For the last several years, he has achieved success in all businesses. Through the over 14 years of practical experience, he set up offices at the different locations of the globe located in Guangzhou, Kuala Lumpur, Dhaka, London, and New York. He is very cordial to his workers and employees. He believes that they are the heart of the company. His business specialty is- he knows how to expand the business. He has a deep love for helping new entrepreneurs. To know more about him, visit:


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