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“We Should Work to Build Prosperous, Sustainable and Unified Bangladeshi Community Around the Globe”

Engr. Moe Halim Bhuyian
Chief Engineer
Traffic, Riverside County
California Department of Transportation

“Empower your own people to do great things for your community. Use your power of individual contribution to open the door for our native people to exercise their inherent and learnt capabilities to build prosperous, sustainable and unified Bangladeshi communities around the globe.” –Moe Halim Bhuyian.

ngineer Halim earned his BS degree in Civil Engineering from BUET, MSCE from California State University of Fullerton, and is a Licensed Civil Engineer with the State of California. He completed four-month Academic Civil Service Foundation Training from Bangladesh Public Administration Training Center, Management and Leadership Training Programs from California State University of Sacramento. His professional career started with Bangladesh Local Government and Rural Department (LGRD) Works Program Wing, later joined with Bangladesh Roads and Highways Department (R&H), City of Brea Public Works Department in California and finally with Caltrans. He delivered numerous remarkable projects in his Caltrans career: a) State of Art Joint Port of Entry near California & Nevada border, b) Interchange improvement project on Rte60/Rte91/Rte215, c) designed 200 KP Truck Lane construction and Widening of 10 bridges on Rte15. He also led and oversight 1st congestion variable pricing Toll lane project in US on Rte91, I-15/I-215 Interchange Improvement project, Los Angeles World Airport “Automated People Mover” project and several Toll Lane projects in various counties. He supervised to process 1.8 million transportation permits with continuous, cooperative and comprehensive partnership with California Highway Patrol (CHP) and California Trucking Association while he was a Regional Manager of Statewide Transportation Permits office. He delivered innovative online permit program STARS2 that dramatically enhanced turnaround time of permit process. He is the creator and designer of the official Logo of Caltrans District 8. He represented Caltrans and successfully defended “Caltrans Destination Sign Plan” with Television Network ABC7 which was televised On April 5, 2018.
Engineer Halim was recognized by numerous Leadership Awards for his ability and innovative approach to change the business process, program and services in his Caltrans career. He received Traffic Ops Principal Award, distinguished Silver Award from Division of Human Services for streamlining Union Leaders and curbing unauthorized union activities during business hours, honored by California Housing Secretary for his outstanding leadership and contribution to California Trucking Industry. California Trucking Industry plays a vital role that made California’s Economy to the 5th largest economy of the world.
Engineer Halim is the 25th US Amateur Chess Champion. He was the 2nd highest international rated chess player of Bangladesh for consecutive three years. He led and was the Captain of Bangladesh Chess Team in Singapore, India, England and US. He was the Secretary General of Dhaka Metropolis Chess Committee and Vice President of Bangladesh Chess Players Association. He led and organized many national and international Chess Tournaments in the Country and abroad. In early 1980s, he played a vital role to assist and guided hundreds of players and sports organizers to migrate to western countries that eventually paved the path to earn foreign currencies and changed the economic landscape of many families. He, as a Civil Servant of Bangladesh, provided instrumental leadership to get hundreds of Government Orders from Bangladesh Ministry of Sports for players and organizers to travel overseas and enforced western embassies to comply with Government Orders to issue visas.
Engineer Halim is well respected for his continued leadership and his contribution to Engineering and Bangladeshi Community in US as well as in Bangladesh. He was the Assistant Secretary General for R&H Engineers Association of his time. He, as an outspoken energetic young engineer, was one of the founding members of LGRD along with QI Siddique and Monowar Hossain to provide the leadership that successfully liberated LGRD from the grip of the bureaucratic Admin Cadre’s control and created the modern Local Government Engineering Department (LGED). LGED is now playing a pivotal role to the Rural Economy of Bangladesh. In his present capacity with Caltrans he ensures safety of travelling public and workers on our highway system using various strategies through a continuous, cooperative, comprehensive engineering, enforcement, education, emergency response and emerging technologies. As a DUI task force member of Riverside and San Bernardino Counties he collaboratively worked with Governor office of Office of Traffic Safety, CHP and County Governments to install large SAFETY CORRIDOR signs at various locations with a message “DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE” as an ongoing implementation effort of education strategy in his District. He jointly co-authored a technical paper on Roadway Safety/Guard Rails with Mr. Mohammed Chowdhury outlining the approach to save thousands of daily accidents/deaths from Run off Road accidents and Median Cross Over Collisions in Bangladesh. This Technical paper was presented during 1st NRB Technology Transfer Symposium in Bangladesh led by Honorable Prime Minister Sheik Hasina.
Engineer Halim was the past President of American Association of Bangladesh Engineers and Architects, Southern California Chapter. He strongly supported to create the Little Bangladesh neighborhood in Los Angeles from the beginning and directly led to install Little Bangladesh Signs on freeways while he was a Senior Transportation Engineer with Caltrans D7 in Los Angeles. Halim is well known by his one name and respected for his ability to train freshmen immigrant engineers and smart science graduates to became professional engineer without an engineering degree in US. Engineering is an applied science and mostly a combination of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. He used the Math skills of our smart people and showed the path how to become an engineer and grow professionally without an engineering degree in US. The outcome of his innovative such approach led hundreds of Science graduates to work as professional engineer in California Government and private industries. He also holds a unique characteristic who provides open help to his Bangladeshi competitors who compete for promotions with him for high Ranking Leadership positions within his own organization Caltrans.
Engineer Halim serves as an expert witness in court to defend Caltrans in accident litigation lawsuits. He is also well known for his knowledge in employment discrimination laws and litigation process. His article on “Diversity and Discrimination” was published in different journals in US and set a new guiding direction to overcome from organized discrimination in US that occurs under the umbrella of laws. He frequently guides and supports community members who suffered unlawful termination, systematic discrimination, deprived promotions and harassment at workplace.
Engineer Halim is married to Laila Noor Bhuyian and is the father of three children – Engineer Ryan Ridom Bhuyian, Engineer Raad Reyam Bhuyian and Ronica Neeha Bhuyian. He is the fourth out of six sons and one daughter of Late Moniruddin Bhuyian. The root of the Bhuyian family came from Kadamtali Village, Upazila Araihazar, District Narayangong.
The lifelong goal of Engineer Halim is to create a “Sustainable Non-Resident Bangladeshi Charity Account” to serve the needy people at the root level where he came from. There are many expatriates, who left Bangladesh to settle overseas permanently for a better life, always think and act to contribute to enhance the livability and economy of our motherland as our birth responsibility. The proposed format of sustainable micro-level charity organization will continue support forever at our desired root level even when the sponsors of the Charity Accounts will not be alive. The sponsors will open a Primary and a Secondary Charity Accounts for someone’s name or for an institution’s name with any Government Bank and deposit $20K or with a minimum amount of $1K/year to the Primary Account. The Primary Account will be considered mature when the balance exceeds $20K and will start disbursing 50% of yearly interest income to the Secondary Account and other 50% will be added to the Primary Account. The money in Primary Account will be always untouchable by anybody and will be protected by Bangladesh Government. The money in Secondary Account will be given to the Board of Directors of the named organization to deliver to the needy poor people per organization Bylaws and guidance as outlined in the organization brochure. To create a “Sustainable Non-Resident Bangladeshi Charity Account” is an ongoing effort by Engineer Halim to capture a substantial number of Millions of dollars donated by frustrated expatriates that now goes to overseas charity organizations because there is no organizational framework in Bangladesh except many questionable acts through NGOs. Engineer Halim is confident that the process to create a universal “Sustainable Non-Resident Bangladeshi Charity Account” will one day overcome all the bureaucratic challenges as it is facing now in Bangladesh for the last three years to end by a reality of his envision “Dream Come True for The Poor”.3


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