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Engr. Maruf Muhammad Jahirul Islam

Engr. Maruf Muhammad Jahirul Islam
Managing Director
Ocean Maritime Academy

Engr. Maruf, in full Maruf Muhammad Jahirul Islam, was born on 1st January 1977 in Chatkhil, Noakhali, Bangladesh in a prestigious Muslim family. His parents were most honest, sincere, respectable, generous with a kind heart and ideal teachers and guardians. His father was a recognized and awarded teacher.
Islam is a Marine Engineer and enlightened entrepreneur who had founded Ocean Maritime Academy, a remarkable Maritime Academy in 2012. Before that he had completed his Secondary, Higher Secondary and Marine Engineering respectively from Saptagaon Adarsha High School in 1992, Ispahani Public School & College- Cumilla in 1994 and Bangladesh Marine Fisheries in 1999. After that he successfully carried out his duties and responsibilities in ocean going ships for long 12 years.
Later he built Ocean Marine Services (a Ship Channeling, Marine Spare parts supply & Exporter, Bunker supply-MGO / HFO / MDO / Lube Oil, Deck and Engine Store supply, Repairing & Servicing of ship equipments, Painting & Paint supply, Navigational & Safety equipments supply and Construction of Bridge, Building, transmission line, roads & highway) in Port City, Chittagong by leaving his job. Side by side, he also built Ocean Maritime Training Institute and Ocean Maritime Academy for making real and delighted Human Resource in 2012. Currently, he also has built a ship manning company named ‘Golden Career Ship Management’ for giving direct job opportunity to seafarers of all categories. He is a passionate and innovative business entrepreneur who owns MM Transport and Trading (all types of Dump Truck, Excavator related services), Sami Advance Dredging & Shipping Co Ltd (a river dredging and shipping Company), Tahmida Fisheries & Sea Food Co., Pacific Composite Agro Firm Ltd.(an integrated Agricultural firm where producing and processing fresh and pure-organic fish, milk, meat, crops, vegetables and fruits).
For responsibility regarding society i.e. social responsibility, he also built a foundation named Abu Taher Master Foundation after his father. Through this foundation he serves poor people of his locality by providing home nursing services for old age people, giving Fisherman aid in coastal area, Environment Awareness Education Program, Water and Sanitation Program for the poor, giving employment facilities for the unemployed etc.
Maritime sector is a potential sector for our country. Here we can find a vast number of industries including Shipping industry (International transport of passengers, Transport of passengers on inland waterways, International transport of freight, Transport of freight on inland waterways), Ports industry (Warehousing and storage, Port activities and management, cargo and passenger handling, Public sector employees operating in ports), Marine industry (Shipbuilding, Boatbuilding, Marine renewable energy, Marine support activities for offshore oil and gas, engineering and mining, Recreational marine activities, marine finance and legal activities and general marine services, Marine science and academic activities, including government vessels and technical consulting), Maritime Business Services industry (Ship breaking, Maritime insurance, finance and legal services, Ship surveying and classification, Maritime Education-including university courses and cadet training, rating training, Maritime consultancy and accountancy).
We have more than 2 Lac fishermen families who are living in the coastal areas of Bay of Bengal in the southern side of Bangladesh involved with catching fishes using trawlers other than fishing vessel companies who have the same purpose. They too are catching and collecting fishes. After filling up our local protein demand from these fishes, we also export this abroad for earning foreign currency.
According to Islam our seafarers are vulnerable and in need of the following: a Strong Navigational System, a better communication system, Training them on weather forecast and understanding broadcast news, providing them economic benefits by creating alternative profession in the offseason, providing them basic education under adult education scheme, providing their children with basic education, Security enforcement facilities against pirates and help them build their own houses.
“We need to emphasize on our ports, continue improvement of our marine sectors and its total infrastructure and human resource. We need to improve total infrastructure of this sector and its human resource,” .
Currently we have 4 sea-ports and approximately 22 river-ports. By using these ports, we can strengthen the economy further. Singapore once upon a time was a fisherman oriented poor economy. With only one port Singapore rose to the peak of development in a matter of years only. If Singapore can do it why can’t Bangladesh with more than 20 ports!
Bangladesh can rise and shine because we have a greater prospect. We need only proper and effective planning and implementation.
Ocean shipping services transport more than 80 percent of all globally traded products. In fact, maritime trade is a huge part of what makes the world go round and what we use or consume: The books we read, the clothes we wear, the vehicle we drive, the fuel we use, the TV we watch, the food we eat, the sanitizer we spray, the computer we click on and the cell phone in our hand likely came from countries like China, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, USA, UAE, KSA, Brazil and we also export items like garments, tea to different demand oriented countries. But, have we ever thought about what ocean vessels take to ensure a quick and safe delivery and who perform and manage these vessels?
Finally, Islam mentions success comes with good moral. A straight path in life makes one contribute to one’s society, country and universe as a whole.

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