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Engineer Golam Murshed

Engineer Golam Murshed
Managing Director
Walton Hi-Tech Industries Limited

Walton, the most popular name of electronics, electrical, home appliance and ICT product industry in Bangladesh, is now focusing to be one of the giant global electronics brand. Engineer Golam Murshed, Managing Director of Walton Hi-Tech Industries Limited (WHIL), says that his main task is to turn Walton into one of the top five global electronics brands by 2030. The past history of Walton and its present journey indicate that the Bangladeshi E&E industry giant are on the right course to achieve the goal.
The business of Walton started since 1977 and in early 2008 WHIL started manufacturing Refrigerator, Freezer, Air Conditioner, Compressor and now onward expanding its operation in Television, Home & Electrical Appliances. Walton & Marcel, two ventures of the group, have become the most trusted and prestigious Brands in the E&E industry in Bangladesh through their strong manufacturing base, quality products, competitive price, extensive market coverage and last but not the least, the prompt after sales services. As a result, within a very short period of time, both the Brands have captured substantial market share and positioned themselves as the most dominant performers in the E&E sector in Bangladesh.
Along the way, Walton has earned domestic and global recognition for its experience and proven track record in a variety of electronics fields. Walton is the pioneer of developing state of the art designs and modern technology having leading market share specializing in Multi-Stored Refrigerators, Freezers, Air Conditioners, LED/LCD Televisions, Motorcycles, Smart Phones and Home Appliances.
To lead a highly talented and multitasking team towards the glorious journey, the Board of Directors of WHIL appointed Engineer Golam Murshed as the Managing Director of the leading electronics products manufacturer. Murshed, an entrepreneurial and visionary young business leader, has been serving Walton in various important positions for over a decade. Prior to this appointment on 8 October 2020, Murshed was serving as the Additional Managing Director (AMD) of the company.
Golam Murshed, a Mechanical Engineering graduated from the Islamic University of Technology (IUT), joined Walton in 2010 as an Assistant Engineer. For his abundant talent and hard work, he was given the charge of the company’s refrigerator manufacturing operation and later promoted to CEO of its Refrigerator Division.
Murshed is most admired for the modernization of production and aggressive marketing strategy. He is a member of the Bangladesh Refrigerator Manufacturers and Exporters Association.
After receiving the charge of WHIL Golam Murshed said his main task would be the market expansion of Bangladeshi made electronics and technology products in global arena. And thus, expanding export business to the potential markets of the world’s developed nations like Australia, America and Europe.
Along with presence of ‘Walton’ brand in the global market, we also emphasized on partnering up with the leading brands in the individual international market to expand the export business to new markets, Murshed added.
He highlighted that Walton has been making great success with ‘Made in Bangladesh’ labeled high quality products to the new export markets. Already, the International Business Unit (IBU) of Walton made a milestone in expanding exports to the Europe’s potential markets, including Germany, Poland and Greece.
Murshed said the E&E industry of Bangladesh flourished in a great extend on last decades for the suitable policy support of the government, specially from Sheikh Hasina, the Prime Minister of the country. Walton made huge investment in this sector and has become a key partner of the government journey to Digital Bangladesh by manufacturing and exporting world class hi-tech products. This made Walton making remarkable contribution in achieving the dream of the daughter of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the father of the nation, of a economically developed country .
With the trust and love of the people of the country, Walton has secured the top position in domestic market and become most popular electronics brand in Bangladesh. After meeting local demands, Walton products are being exported to about 40 countries. We are working on establishing Bangladesh as a hub or the center of electronics and technology products. Thus Walton is representing Digital Bangladesh in global arena as a technology advanced country. Our target is to make Walton one of the top five consumer electronics global brands by 2030. Achieving that goal is now my main concern, Murshed said.

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