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‘Hoque & Associates Provides Innovative and Cost-effective Engineering and Sustainable Solutions’

Enamul Hoque
p.e.,, f.asce
Proprietor of Hoque & Associates, Inc.


Enamul Hoque was born and brought up in a remote village of Bangladesh. The village was located on the north bank of the Meghna river, a tributary of the famous Ganges river. He was an active freedom fighter in the front and fought as guerilla fighter in the western Brahmanbaria-Ashuganj area from beginning to end of the Liberation War in 1971. Mr. Hoque’s father was a school teacher and the only educated person within several villages. He (his father) was a graduate of Calcutta University. His mother did not have any formal education and did not know how to read and write. Nevertheless, she was extremely intelligent, wise and kind.
In 1974, Mr. Hoque graduated in civil engineering and continued working in the slums of Dhaka. In 1975-76, he started working for Mother Teresa. Each day he found more confidence to move forward with his life. It is at this time when he met this unique saint-like (at that time) woman. Working for her was a turning point to Mr. Hoque’s life and he decided to obtain higher education so that he would be able to give back more to the community. To fulfill this goal, in 1981, he came to the USA for higher studies and graduated with a Master’s Degree in 1985.
There are several challenges that Mr. Hoque faced during the journey of his life. He was born and raised in poverty-ridden environments, followed by the war of independence in 1971, and immigrating to a new country like America. Cultural shock, the economic situation, and language barriers were hindrances that Mr. Hoque was able to overcome with the help of his professor and friend Dr. Charles E. O’Bannon, and the openness of this society. While he has not yet achieved his dream of completing a Doctorate Degree and teaching, he has found his profession to be very rewarding and decided to help the poor through his professional work. In 1997, Mr. Hoque established Hoque & Associates, in 2004, enlisted with the AAAME program which helped him to overcome the challenges of learning business through ethics and a personal commitment to the community.
Hoque & Associates, Inc. provides innovative and cost-effective engineering and sustainable solutions to Arizona’s projects including work on difficult soils, innovative foundations, restoration of old landfill, new landfill design, and value engineering.
He also co-established a girls’ college named “Rahima Hoque Chetona Bikash Mohila College” in Baherchar, Raipura and still is managing teacher’s pay roll as it has not been placed under MPO for unknown reason. He also actively participated and worked as a volunteer in Bangladesh with other engineering students and with Mother Teresa’s organization. He has won numerous awards from the state of Arizona and US Department of Housing some of which was broadcasted in Public Broadcasting System Television especially his technical innovation and philanthropic work. Public Broadcasting Services broadcasted his life story as part of his award “Spirit of Enterprise” in 2007 awarded by the Arizona State University. Arizona State University named geotechnical laboratory “EM Hoque Geotechnical Laboratory” to honor his endowment. Mr. Hoque received Distinguished Achievement Awards from Arizona State University’s Ira Fulton College of Engineering. His work on river restoration and utilization of appropriate technology to solve complex engineering problem earned him excellent reputation in his field.
His project also included working with Arizona State Universities engineering students on BanglaEPICS Projects. BanglaEPICS Program had been launched by the Ira Fulton College of Engineering to train students with real environmental and sustainable projects throughout the world. BanglaEPICS is part of that global sustainable projects and will include alternative energy, biosystem enhanced treatment of water and waste water and other projects. In this regard, they have completed design, funding and installing a water treatment plant at Rahima Hoque Mohila College in Bangladesh established by Mr. Hoque. Students made two trips to complete the project.
Mr. Enamul Hoque worked in Civil, Environment and Sustainable Engineering Department at Arizona State University from 1992-2000. He also worked as Instructor in design of containment systems for waste disposal sites, ASCE, 1993-1995 and 1998-1999, various locations throughout the country.
Mr. Hoque believes that even as the founder and owner of Hoque and Associates, that all his contributions, including personal ones, would not be possible without the company’s support. Contributions made as a company and personally by him can be divided into several phases.
The first phase would be social and professional contributions. In this category in Chandler, Arizona Mr. Hoque served the city’s Housing and Redevelopment Commission (HRC) for 10 years and developed a very effective mathematical model for fund allocation, which is being modified every year based on demand and budget allocation. During this time, the Commission also developed single family houses for low income families and Mr. Hoque was an essential part of this program.
Mr. Hoque also served on the Transportation Task Force, General Plan Amendment Task Force and is currently serving on the Community Advisory Panel of Intel Corporation and on the Management Board of the Chandler-Gilbert YMCA. Additionally, Mr. Hoque regularly participates in activities for “Habitat for Humanity” projects through the Arizona Interfaith Movement. He has been inducted in the President’s Club of the YMCA for major individual donations and for his volunteer work.
Mr. Hoque has volunteered time for St. Vincent de Paul, Chandler-Gilbert YMCA, and the American Association of Bangladeshi Engineers and Architects (Established Arizona Section). HA has been also contributed to the Asian Tsunami Victims. UNICEF is a regular recipient of HA’s contributions.
Enamul Hoque is an active member of several professional societies including the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Structural Engineers Association of Arizona (SEAOA), American Public Works Association (APWA), Valley Forward, and United Latino Business Coalition (ULBC). In addition, Mr. Hoque is involved with other civic and volunteer organizations to help the low income citizens and minorities in the Phoenix and surrounding areas. Organizations involve Habitat, American Association of Bangladeshi Engineers and Architects.
He has been awarded numerous social and professional achievement awards including prestigious ASCE’s John C. Park Award for his outstanding contribution to advance the profession of civil engineering. He also received Hall of Fame Award from School of Sustainable Engineering and Built Environment and Distinguished Achievement Award from the Arizona State University’s Ira Fulton College of Engineering. His notable work includes restoration of the Salt River, Construction of Deep-Water Port for US Navy at Umm Qasr, Iraq, and development of regional marketplace on landfill in Tempe, Arizona.


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