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Education system should be overhauled to create worthy citizens

Liakat Mohammed
Managing Director, Woody Company Ltd.

There is saying that the city Rome wasn’t built in a day. Just like that the success of a man’s life is not achieved in a single moment. For this he has to walk a long way, plan and work hard. You have to have a self-confident attitude. Of them, Liakat Mohammed is one of the self-confident hardworking men who an established entrepreneur businessman in Japan. He is the founder and co-founder of Woody Company Ltd, a leading company in Japan. He has set up an industry called Erico Paper Mill at Mawna under Sreepur upazila in Gazipur, Bangladesh.

Liakat Mohammed was born in 1962 in an educated family in Banchharampur upazila of Brahmanbaria district. His father’s name is late Md. Amir Hossain and mother Afia Begum. They have been living in Shahinbagh under Tejgaon police station of Dhaka city since childhood. Intelligent and visionary Liakat Mohammed went to Japan on a tourist visa in 1985 while he was a graduate student at Titumir Government College in Dhaka. After moving to Japan as a tourist, he enrolled in a language school there and became proficient in Japanese within a month. Then, he was admitted to an institute of computer science. During this time, he did part-time jobs to cover his expenses. Though he started like this but gradually he started to make himself suitable for permanent residence in Japan. After studying for 4 years, he married Erico, a local Japanese girl. They had acquaintance with each other as they worked in the same company. After marriage, his wife’s name was Erico Hossain.


After doing job for 2 years, Liakat Mohammed started his business around 1986or 1987 to turn the wheel of fortune. At first, he used to import leather products from Bangladesh to Japan and market them and also sell them. Later, he took initiative to send reconditioned car to Bangladesh. But he did not get business stability. He then took over the business of ‘Musical Instruments’ in Japan. But he did not get much interest in it. At one stage, the construction sector started exporting machines to Thailand and the Middle East in 1998. He used to run it through Personal Enterprise. He later formed a company called Woody Company Ltd. He is the managing director of this company. He founded a factory for the manufacture of heavy equipment, including heavy cutting tools used in construction. Its machineries are exported to the Middle East, Thailand, the Philippines and Bangladesh.

Although he lives permanently in Japan, he has a deep love for Bangladesh. He has set up a paper mill named ‘Erico Paper Mill’ at Sreepur Mawna in Gazipur keeping the economic development of Bangladesh in mind. He has the idea of setting up more industries to keep pace with the demand. Not only that, he hopes that the industrial-friendly environment will be established and corruption in the country will be reduced and foreign investors will also be brought to the country. His wife Erica Hossain and only daughter Amina Hossain are directors and shareholders of his company. He comes to the country with them whenever he gets a chance. They have also accepted this country and the culture of this country very well.

Liakat Mohammed is a progressive man in thought. He always gives priority to the thoughts for development of his motherland. And when he thinks about it, he gets very hurt mentally. He thinks that the common people of Bangladesh are hardworking, honest and dedicated. But the people working in the administration of the state are indifferent to the welfare of the country above their personal interests. An independent country needs a business-friendly system. In this country bureaucrats consider themselves lords. They do not think that the people own the state. They are paid with the people’s tax money. They need to change their mindset.

In context of a matter, he says that in the past Pakistan period, morality was predominant in the children’s lessons. But it is now absent there. Children’s education system should be overhauled as per demand of the time. The country has a lot of industry. The demand for people involved in production abroad is also high. People who know English get more opportunities to go abroad. Combining these, it requires a major overhaul in the education system to create worthy citizens. He thinks that flattery is going on in Bangladesh now. The administration of the government is failing to provide proper service due to the flatterers and the party administration. Corruption is rampant. As a result, it has become difficult to stop. Critics criticize this but do not give any direction. The country cannot move forward with this massive social degradation.

He said, we, expatriates work hard. We dream that our country will develop. But along with development, the rate of corruption has also become much higher. He said if real democracy is established, the path of stable development will be created.


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