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Each and every human beings as the gifts of god to this planet

Shah Nawaz MBA
President & CEO
NY Car & Limo Services Inc.
NY Insurance Brokerage Inc.

Shah Nawaz, a social worker, Print-N-Electronic Media personality, an outstanding philanthropist, an activist and a successful businessman by profession. Having the gifted passion of music, sports and learning, he did his Masters in Economics from the University of Dhaka, Masters in Business Administration from the Institute of Business Administration (IBA, Dhaka Univ.) with an ultimate goal to leave the world better than what he found at his School-college-University student-hood. Keeping the same goal to help have a better world for the people across the globe, Shah Nawaz turned every possible stones to equip himself and manage personal, social and business dynamics.
Shah Nawaz did his Post Graduation in Personal Management, mastered himself in certain fields of sports and oriental music. For a better understandings and communications amongst the people and the organograms of the society, Shah Nawaz learned over six languages apart from his mother language Bangla and travelled the countries that relates to the mission, vision of the social works and businesses he does. Shah Nawaz is the name of a friend in New York who extends his helping hands 24/7 to every cause that Americans and South Asians need to bridge the gaps between the communities in general and the Bangladeshi Americans in particular.
Shah Nawaz is an activist, a silent community developer. His social activities and developmental works helped every individual and businesses he came across. His wide-range of experiences of success in social, business, community and family life has enriched Bangladesh over three decades and now enriching the communities in America in general, especially the communities of south Asian immigrants. He has been the pivotal figure in organizing the events for the south Asians where over hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses got together and did business transactions of over hundred millions dollars each time he organized.
Shah Nawaz, President of JBBA, the largest Bangladeshi-American business entities of Jackson Heights have organized several festivals in the Boroughs of Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan, where over twenty thousand immigrants turned in and did both business and enjoyed entertainments.
Shah Nawaz, the President of New York Bangladesh Lions Club did many philanthropic activities and helped people in need.Nawaz never wanted to be in the media and let his friends, acquaintances and associates know of his services and contributions. Apart from all his personal contributions in helping his friends and neighbors, Shah Nawaz distributed couple of thousands of glass frames to the poor and needy glass users in New York, gave away over thousand blankets during severe winters. He organized blood drives and flu-shot programs through the NY-Bangladesh Lions Club.
As an anti-terrorist campaign activist, Shah Nawaz did and continues to do everything within his reach and capacities. As the US Embassy personnel Mr. Julhas Mannan was killed in Bangladesh, Mr. Shah Nawaz took the key role in having a strong protest to condemn the wrong-doers with a demand to punish the responsible with capital punishments. Mr. Nawaz did it through the Human Rights organization World Human Rights and Development, WHRD.
Mr. Shah Nawaz, a strong believer of world-wide human rights, have taken several initiatives to bring justice to the sufferers of Rohingyas of Myanmar and sending help teams from New York to go and help the victims through several Not-For-Profits and the Red Crescent in Bangladesh.
Mr. Nawaz, sees each and every human beings as the gifts of God to this planet. He dedicated his time, labor and possible financial assistance to the mentally, physically disabled and the gifted kids with autism. He has been a saint to the members of several organizations like “ASHA” and “South Asian Organization of Disables”.
Mr. Shah Nawaz is the public Ambassador of Bangladeshis to the mainstream US communities and the elected officials. Nawaz’s involvement in having maximum votes from the community to their elected officials in NYC is always appreciated by the elected officials. Mr. Nawaz has been a key figure in building awareness and helping citizens to vote has helped the neighborhoods to have their desired representative, assemblymen, councilmen and state senators elected to have their basic demands fulfilled. Congressman Joseph Crowley, Yvette D. Clarke, Senator Jose Peralta, Councilman Daniel Dromm, Queens Borough President Melinda Katz, Assemblyman David Weprin are few who got the services during their elections and fund raisings.
The Omni-smiling Shah Nawaz brings lights and warmth to the dire neediest. The homeless people and their kids in NY and back in Bangladesh see their children and sick family members through Shah Nawaz. Mr. Nawaz has helped them with possible clothing, toys, books, financial help, if possible, to bring the happiness they deserve as an equal member of this plant Earth, the only habitat of the human beings and the millions of known and unknown species.
Shah Nawaz radiates happiness and positive vibes. In a world with numerous negativities, Shah Nawaz does every little thing to spread happy positive vibes to all around him. He mingle, talks, exchanges his cultural and traditional heritages with others around him. To keep himself full of happy vibes and keep himself surrounded by positive aura, he learns the rich music, culture and traditions of the world and enriches with the music of the land he was born in, Bangladesh. He is a continuous learner of music of Bangladesh.
Mr. Shah Nawaz is a friendly father of a son “Sadman Nawaz” and a daughter “Sadia Nawaz” lives in Queens with his wife, a true life-partner, a popular singer Rano Nawaz.


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