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Bipartisan Politics Bring Out a Healthy Democracy

Dr Osman Siddique
Senior Advisor on
South Asia in the United States

he Bangladeshi born brilliant and sincere Dr Osman Siddique has been appointed as the Senior Advisor to South Asian affairs by the President of the United States of America. This appointment carries significant importance for the official stature of Bangladesh in world politics. The post will avail the full status of a Minister including all facilities and is the first time that a Bangladeshi is being seated in such a high post of the US government. Nicknamed Harun, Dr Siddique has been functioning as the Trustee of the Democratic Party’s National Committee (DNC) since the last few decades.

Outgoing President Bill Clinton also appointed Dr Siddique as the US Ambassador to Fiji, Togo and Congo during his tenure. It was the first time in American history that a Bangladeshi born American got appointed as an Ambassador.
Dr Osman Siddique was born in Kishorganj district to a respectable and educated family in 1950. He is the sixth out of nine siblings and stood out in merit amongst all of them. He passed SSC in 1966 from BAF Shaheen School and College. Prior to his SSC he was a student of Trinity, Saint Mary’s and St Gregory’s High School. Dr Siddique passed his HSC from Notre Dame and got enrolled to Dhaka University for his undergraduate programme.
Dr Osman Siddique travelled to USA for his MBA and took admission in Indiana University Graduate School of Business, in Bloomington Indiana, where he completed his post graduation. He joined in wedlock in 1974 to Catherin Mary Siddique and they have been blessed with four children – Omra, Julene, Leila and Zachary.

After his post graduation degree Dr Osman started his own Corporate Travel Management company named ITI/Travelogue Inc. which was the top minority owned startup during the time in the Metropolitan area of Washinton DC. He was the President and Chief Executive Officer of the company. He is also the founder member of ‘Corporate International’ which has a revenue of 1.5 million USD. He has also contributed jointly in the making of Bank, Real Estate and International business centre. Dr Osman Siddique has participated in various talk shows hosted by CNN, VOA, Al Jazeera and many more on local and international issues. He is also considered an expert on international politics. He was appointed as the trustee of Board of Governors of the East West Corner by Hillary Clinton, the then first lady. Dr Siddique also acted as an ‘International Observer’ representing Americas National Democratic Institute during the National Parliamentary Election of Bangladesh.
Dr Osman Siddique has enhanced the image of the US Government by carrying out his duties as a diplomat jointly in Fiji, Togo and Congo. The image of Bangladesh has also been highlighted due to his sincerity towards work as a diplomat. The modern Dr Siddique observed that Bnagladesh has developed tremendously during the last decade due to political stability and a politically correct leadership. This development is not only taking the country forward but also enhancing its image on the world map. Foreign nationals these days are quite thoughtful and intrigued at the same time seeing the pace of development of Bangladesh.
It can be mentioned here that USA hosts almost eight million immigrants from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Maldives and Bhutan. The newly born members of these families have been added to this number now. Bangladeshis in USA are also occupying important posts in the field of IT, Healthcare, Teaching and Trade and Commerce along with Indians taking Bangladesh to a whole new level. According to Dr Osman Siddique, no country can prosper without a democratic system and the beauty of Democracy is tolerance.
About US Elections, Dr Siddique states that the main characteristic that differentiates them from anywhere else in the world is their bipartisan democracy thus, making it easier for nationals to choose any leadership. In this context Bangladesh has quite a different scenario with multiple parties contesting and making it difficult for Bangladeshis to choose from.3


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