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Bangladeshi Immigrants are Playing Important Role in the Economy of Different Countries

Dr. Muhammad Ali Manik
Bangladesh Community in Georgia

Muhammad Ali Manik is a self-confident Bangladeshi American who is very dear to the Bangladesh community in Georgia. He is the Vice-President of the United States Awami League. He has been holding this post since 2012.
Dr. Muhammad Ali Manik was meritorious as a student. He passed SSC in 1972 from Dhaka Government Laboratory School and HSC in 1975 from Dhaka College. Then, he completed his MBBS degree from Chittagong Medical College in 1981. After completing education, he joined the Bangladesh Railway Hospital as a physician and served in various positions from 1983 to 1987.
Dr. Muhammad Ali Manik came to the United States of America in 1987 for pursuing higher studies as he had a dream to study in the USA. During his early days in the USA, he served as a resident pediatrician at Texas Tech University Health Science Center in El Paso. He then joined Atlanta’s Gwinnett Medical Center in Suburb in 1995 as a pediatrician. He served there for one year. He quit his job in October 1996 and provided pediatric treatment in his own chamber. Thus, he started his new chapter in life. He is approved by the Board of Pediatricians as a specialist in pediatrics.

Dr. Muhammad Ali Manik was also a good athlete. He was a sportsman from his childhood. He was an important player in first division cricket in Bangladesh. He used to play for Dhaka Kalabagan Krira Chakra at that time. Later, he played for Chittagong Abahani while studying at Chittagong Medical College. He was a member of the Medical Sub-Committee of the Bangladesh Cricket Board in 1985.
He was very active not only in sports but also in professional organizations. He was an elected member of the Central Committee of the Bangladesh Medical Association (BMA) from 1985-1987. This organization is the most important national professional association of medical doctors in Bangladesh.

As the proverb goes, “A husking machine will husk the rice whether in heaven or in hell”. He came to America and became involved with various organizations. In 1999, he was the Chief Coordinator of FOBANA, a major organization of Bangladeshis worldwide. He was the elected president of Bangladesh Association, Georgia from 2003-2004. A benevolent and friendly individual Muhammad Ali Manik was the Chief Advisor of FOBANA in 1996. He is also the Chairman of Bangladesh Foundation of Georgia.
A close friend to the Bangladesh community Muhammad Ali Manik believes, “Bangladeshis are doing very well in countries around the world. The non-residents Bangladeshi are playing important role in the economy of different countries.


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