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Prosperity not for a single family, assistance should be provided for development of the deprived

Dr. Lira Chowdhury, Physician ira Chowdhury, a first generation Bangladeshi-American, a urology surgeon in Fort Worth, Texas. She was raised as a humanitarian from her childhood. Her father, Masud Chowdhury, is a well established businessman and entrepreneur and is well respected in Dallas /Ft Worth Bangladeshi community. Her father is an alumnus of Jhenaidah Cadet College. He is the past president of his Cadet College Alumni Organization (JEXCA-NA.). Masud Chowdhury serves in many advisory councils and Board of directors in business arena as well as in the community. He is the founding President of Bangladesh Chamber Of Commerce-USA. The chowdhury family has been involved with Distressed Children and Infants International (DCI) almost from its inception .Masud Chowdhury is a senior advisor of DCI. His daughter, Dr. Lira Chowdhury became closely involved with the organization in her teens. Although her parents are Bangladeshi Americans, she was born in Oklahoma and raised in Texas. She has visited Bangladesh frequently with her parents since childhood where she witnessed the reality of the poor. She recognized that her life is very different than most Bangladeshis. She has had the opportunity to see with her parents some inhumane conditions of impoverished children and their families in Bangladesh and India.
From a young age, it has been in her heart to aid the suffering of these poor children and families.
Dr. Lira Chowdhury completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Texas in Austin. During her undergraduate years, she spent several weeks in Bangladesh as a member of a relief team after a cyclone in 2007. She visited Sun-Child Sponsorship project areas in Feni and Patuakhali to assist the people affected by the cyclone at that time. She saw and experienced a whole new level of poverty. She recalls reflecting at the time how in the United States, an eight-year-old boy goes to school and plays baseball, while many boys and girls of that age in Bangladesh are engaged in child labor, some with heavy machinery. They used to fight for their livelihood by dropping out of school. She also recalls seeing a mother walk five miles to seek help for her sick child. Basic human necessities were a struggle for survival: food, shelter, health. These necessities are so readily available in the developed world and do not cross the minds of most people. She knew by fulfilling her dream of becoming a physician, she could return to aid this community and others around the world.

Her parents, Masud and Limu Chowdhury, along with family and friends formed the DCI Dallas Chapter in 2005, And now it is very well established and have a large group of core volunteers adult and youth. The organization has undertaken a number of programs for needy families and children of Bangladesh. Some of these programs include orphanages, healthcare, vision screenings, clean water projects and from its infancy, sponsorships to free children from child labor and bring send them to school. The organization also has a healthcare arm and for this purpose, Dr. Lira Chowdhury continues her fundraising efforts.
Dr. Lira Chowdhury visited Bangladesh with the DCI Medical team under the leadership of DCI President Dr. Brian DeBroff of Yale University and Executive director Dr. Ehsan Haque to conduct free Eye clinic and surgery in Bangladesh. She attended medical symposiums and seminars, where she spoke about various aspects about underprivileged children and women’s health and welfare.

Dr. Lira Chowdhury yearns for all who can, whether it is financially or with their time, come forward for the advancement of the poor. She feels “we all dream of a beautiful, perfect world” and this can be started in any magnitude. This will then lead us to a beautiful world without disparity.
Dr. Lira Chowdhury holds a degree in medicine from the University of North Texas Health Science Center. She has completed her urology residency from Michigan State University’s Detroit Medical Center and completed a fellowship in Female Urology, Voiding Dysfunction and Urogenital Reconstruction from the University of California, Irvine. She is currently in practice at Urology Partners of North Texas based out of Dallas- Fort Worth, Texas. She has a special focus on urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and urogenital reconstruction. She aspires to continue medical mission work that involves international urogenital fistula surgeries along with her involvement with DCI.
As a physician, she believes “Trust is at the heart of every good patient-physician relationship.” She trusts her patients will report their problems in a safe environment so they can trust that she will render the best treatment. Her patients are drawn to her gentle nature and caring personality which spill over to her humanitarian side. Aside from her career, she continues to work toward her efforts to grant women, children and families health and education.
Bangladeshi- American Dr. Lira Chowdhury envisions a beautiful Bangladesh and a world where every family and child can prosper.3and Social Activist


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