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Dr. Jahangir Dewan’s Research on Healthcare is Laudable

Dr. Jahangir Dewan is the founder, President and CEO of the company called sBIT inc. He is an entrepreneur and ICT Expert from Silicon Valley. He has pioneered in establishing the Microchip VLSI R&D centers at CUET, BUET, Dhaka University, MIST, UIU, AIUB, AUST, NSU, East West University, UAP and USTC in Bangladesh. He worked with multiple startups that became successful and had IPO. He designed and implemented many VLSI Chips for past 20 years that made a revenue of more than $5B.Dr. Dewan has also supported the startup called Neural Semiconductor in establishing a VLSI R&D Center in Bangladesh. He has been actively organizing many trainings, workshops, seminars and conferences on Microchip VLSI Design in Bangladesh and trained 100s of Engineers in Microchip Design and ICT.
He held engineering and management positions in the past at Broadcom, AMD, PortalPlayer, NXP,IDT, and Texas Instruments in Silicon Valley. Dr. Dewan worked as a faculty member at DUET, Concordia University Montreal, UTS, UoWS and Macquarie University, Sydney.

He presented papers in many IEEE conferences, AI4HC (Artificial Intelligence for HealthCare) Conference, Seminars, and lecture at various Universities in Bangladesh and overseas.
Dr. Dewan co-founded an eLearning Platform called “” on online education and test preparation for schools and colleges in Bangladesh. Through this platform 1000s of high school and college students have been preparing online to enrich their skills and perform better in exams and tests.
His research interests include Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare, Machine Learning, Data Science, IoT and VLSI Design. He is actively involved on New Venture, Investment in Real Estate and Financial Market. He is listed as one of the top 100 Influential NRB (Non Resident Bangladeshis) living in the USA.
He completed BSc Engineering in EEE from CUET, MS in Computer Engineering from Concordia University Montreal, PhD in Computer Science from Deakin University Australia and MBA from Cornell University, USA. He is the recipient of UNESCO Fellowship for doing MS in Canada and Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) Fellowship for doing PhD in Australia.

Dr. Dewan is the current president of American Association of Bangladeshi Engineers and Architects (AABEA) and Chairman of the Board of Directors. He worked as the Chairman of the AABEA Convention for 2018 in New York. He is also the Chairman of AABEA Convention for 2020 to be held in Silicon Valley, California, USA.
He is a past President of Bay Area Bangladesh Association (BABA). He is a founding director of a nonprofit organization called ECHO (Educational, Charitable and Humanitarian Organization) to support the socially disadvantaged people in Bangladesh in Education, Healthcare and Humanitarian programs.
Dr. Dewan at present is working on establishing a Bangladeshi Entrepreneur Organization in Silicon Valley on startups and creating business opportunists in Hi-tech for Bangladeshis in USA, Bangladesh and the rest of the world.
Dr. Dewan is currently living in Cupertino, Silicon Valley, California.3


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