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We Provide Necessary Aid To Develop The Telemedicine Platform Including Technical Assistance To Bangladesh

Dr Basher M Atiquzzaman
A talented physician, Florida

any talented and professional people of Bangladesh are performing their duties in different countries of the world with good reputation. There are many Bangladeshi professional personalities in America, the country of dreams. Many of these professionals are proud sons of Bangladesh, who have been able to brighten the image of Bangladesh in the world, including the United States. Dr Basher M Atiquzzaman is one of them, who are responsible and talented doctors in the medical field of America. He is also known as Dr Atiq.
This man from the Florida Bangladesh community is well-known as a physician, educator, writer, philanthropist and community leader.

Though Dr. Atiq is a permanent citizen of the United States, he deeply feels about Bangladesh. He feels happy when he hears about any achievement of Bangladesh. He is very proud of the language movement and liberation war of Bangladesh. This doctor used to make new generation of children in America interested in the Bangladeshi cultural heritage. He provides assistance to any social work and cultural program of Bangladesh community. From the very beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, he has been playing a very active role in creating awareness among the people.
This enlightened physician from Florida Dr. Atiq was born in an educated aristocratic family in Dhaka. After completing SSC from Motijheel Ideal School and College and HSC with distinction from Dhaka College in 1985, he was admitted to Chittagong Medical College. In this college, he was elected as literary secretary of Chhatra Sangsad for the consecutive three times. From his school days, he was involved in various literary and cultural activities including debate competition. He was awarded the ‘President’s Gold Medal’ for winning the national debate competition.
After obtaining an MBBS degree with distinction, he came to America for higher studies. After coming to the USA, Dr Atiq has completed a postgraduate medical training from State University of New York Downstate and Stoney Brook. He specializes in Internal Medicine, Geriatrics, Gastroenterology and Hepatology.

Dr. Atiq is not only a specialist doctor but also a gifted researcher in the medical field. He has multiple publications on various topics in medicine. He has written several chapters in text books including several important articles in various well-known journals.
Dr. Atiq has served as director, vice-chairman and chairman of the Department of Medicine at Florida Hospital Kissimmee and the Department of Gastrology at Osceola Regional Medical Center.
He is currently a Faculty at the University of Central Florida’s College of Medicine and an Associate at Center for Digestive and Lives Center in Orlando.
Besides the profession, this philanthropist is closely associated with the medical community. He is the Board Trustee of Bangladesh Foundation. He is involved in various humanitarian activities in Bangladesh and Bangladeshis in North America. He always keeps himself ready to help poor and miserable people. Dr. Atiq, a dedicated soul to the welfare of the society, is the President of Bangladesh Medical Association, North America, Florida. He is the President of Chittagong Medical College Alumni, North America.
Creative-minded Dr. Atiq has also gained a reputation as a writer and columnist. He writes in various magazines and online portals about the social life and various problems of people. He loves singing, taking pictures and gardening. He likes to hang out with family and close friends. He has traveled more than 60 countries.
Dr. Atiq has been involved in various development activities of the Bangladesh community in North America. He provides telemedicine platform development, necessary instruments, medicines and financial assistance including technical assistance to Bangladesh. He has been providing various types of assistance to Bangladesh and many organizations in the country to prevent the coronavirus outbreak. Dr Atiq authored two handbooks for first-liners of Covid-19 infection and relentlessly working here and in Bangladesh virtually. He is a founding member and board of Directors of Planetary Healthcare Alliance, a collaborative effort of Bangladeshi physicians globally for education and capacity building. Through this organization, Bangladeshi doctors have got the opportunity to receive education and training in different countries of the world.
The wife of this talented and humane physician of the time Dr. Tahsina Atiquzzaman is an internal medicine specialist. Their only daughter Nabiha is a medical student and their only son Nabihan is studying in a school.


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