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Dr. Arif Dowla

Dr. Arif Dowla
Managing Director
ACI Limited

The meritorious Dr Arif Dowla hails not only from a respectable, enterprising family but also has proved to be a successful entrepreneur in society himself. He is currently the Group Managing Director of the well known ‘ACI Limited’ and ‘ACI Group of Companies’. M. Anis Ud Dowla, a well known entrepreneur of Bangladesh, the Chairman of ACI Limited is his father. Arif Dowla obtained a Ph.D. degree in Mathematics from California University in Sandiego under the Professor Dimitris Politics. His research paper was based on ‘Non-Stationary Stochastic Processes, a Field of Study Related to Probability Theory and Statistic’s. He is a member of American Mathematical Society and Quantitative Analyst of New York on account of his education there.
Dr. Dowla joined his father’s created ‘ACI Limited’ as the Group Managing Director after he finished his education abroad. He had prepared himself mentally to become an executive for this high tech company prior to joining.
It must be mentioned here that ACI is company with a net worth of almost 2500 crore taka. ACI Limited comprises of Pharmacueticals, Agro, Consumer Brands, Retail Chain and 21 other subsidiaries. The Group employs more than 8000 staff.
Dr. Arif Dowla is also the Chairman of the privately owned Mutual Trust Bank Limited and Tetly ACI Limited. The vibrant Arif Dowla is also the Director of ACI Foundations Ltd., ACI Godrej Agrovet (Pvt.) Ltd., Creative Communication Ltd., Consolidated Chemicals Ltd., ACI Pure Flour Limited., ACI Food Ltd., ACI Motors Ltd., ACI Logistics Ltd., Stochastic Logic Ltd. and Premiaflex Plastics Ltd.
ACI was the product of the world renowned organization ICI. ICI started its business journey in 1940 in the Indian Sub-continent. ICI continued to do business even after the birth of East Pakistan but was forced to sell off to the East Pakistan local management of the company due to repeated financial losses on 5th May of 1992. The company was renamed ACI (Advanced Chemical Industries) by the entrepreneurial buyers. Thus the company began to be operated under the able leadership of COO M Anis Ud Dowla and was able to overcome all odds by maintaining the heritage of ICI. ACI then transformed into a Public Limited Company by becoming enlisted under the Dhaka Stock Exchange. ACI Formulation Limited is a subsidiary enlisted in both the Stock Markets of Bangladesh.
ACI Limited is the first company in Bangladesh to gain certification as ISO : 9001 for Quality Management System and ISO: 14001 for Environmental Mangement Systems.
As a leading pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh ACI produces 28 types of Therapeutic medicine, 226 types of Molecular medicine and 426 types of Skus medicine. ‘Savlon is a popular household ACI product. ACI also manufactures branded personal and hygiene and home care products. Their food items like salt, sugar, flour, edible oil, cereal, and confectionery are also gaining popularity. The Agro Business Division of ACI is importing seeds to assist rural farmers. The group is also importing livestock and fisheries, pesticides, fertilizers etc to enhance the Agriculture Industry. The overall monitoring of ACI is being done by the Group Managing Director Dr. Arif Dowla thus contributing to strengthening the local economy of Bangladesh.

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