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The Finest steel has to go through the hottest fire

Donna Imam
Electrical & Computer Engineer
US Congress Candidate

Donna Imam, the American-Bangladeshi, earned a B.S. in electrical engineering from Trine University and an M.S. in electrical and computer engineering from Purdue University. Imam’s career experience includes founding Inteleaf and working as a computer engineer, a senior product manager with Dell, and a vice president of product marketing with Consert. She served as the president of ProductCamp Austin.

Donna Imam (Democratic Party) ran for election to the U.S. House to represent Texas’ 37th Congressional District. She lost in the Democratic primary on March 1, 2022.The primary runoff will occur on May 24, 2022 and the general election will occur on November 8, 2022.
Her website ( details the unaddressed issues which she, as an engineer, is confident of solving and is worth mentioning below:

Over half a million Americans don’t have a place to call home. More than 25,000 are here in Texas. Veterans stand outside HEB in Austin, while our tax dollars fund endless wars. Donna’s solution ensures that cities nationwide have the resources to address homelessness, without burdening residents of compassionate communities.
Federally funding a uniform response to homelessness nationwide distributes responsibility fairly and uses resources efficiently. Investing in human infrastructure helps the economy exponentially.

Donna’s signature Healthcare for All policy (HCA) is a single-payer plan that fortifies and accelerates Medicare for All (M4A), drastically lowering the cost of healthcare and prescription drugs. HCA scales healthcare infrastructure, delivers higher quality care, and is cheaper than what we pay today. With HCA, your deductible won’t keep you from seeing a doctor.

HCA provides better quality care, creates more choices and costs less than what taxpayers pay today, which makes HCA the fiscally responsible solution to the healthcare crisis that Americans face.

Higher education and high skilled training is the single most effective path to innovation and securing our nation’s future. Donna’s Education for All (EDA) policy proposal ensures everyone in the United States can go to college, trade schools, or certification programs without being in debt forever.

EDA offers every student the opportunity for higher education or trade school through tuition-free and interest-free loan programs structured for repayment within a 10 year target. EDA enables young Americans to start a family and save for a home.

Pay should reflect value created and where we live and work. Picking an arbitrary number for minimum wage and running our economy backs of Americans who can’t afford basic needs is not capitalism. Donna’s Real Pay for All (RPA) policy proposal ensures that Americans thrive and not just survive.

RPA lifts Americans from being on welfare and ends the perpetual cycle of poverty. It rebuilds the middle class and safeguards the path to upward mobility when paired with EDA and HCA.

Black Americans represent 13% of the United States population, yet since 2015 they account for 26% of fatal police shootings. The US military has stricter rules of engagement for troops deployed in war zones than our police officers do in our residential neighborhoods. That’s illogical and this must change.

The focus of the justice system should be to rehabilitate people back into being productive citizens of the community. EJA erases drug

convictions, restoring the livelihoods of millions. It holds law enforcement responsible for their actions and limits police departments from hiring previously fired officers.

There are more Veterans per square mile in the Central Texas area than anywhere else in the state. Many struggle to receive benefits that were promised to them. Donna’s solution addresses healthcare, homelessness, and suicide, all of which impact Veterans disproportionately.
Providing our vets with guaranteed healthcare through HCA as they transition to industry will ensure that they can utilize their valuable skills gained while serving in the military. HCA ensures that vets don’t have to travel to a VA clinic or hospital to get the care, they can get care at the physician of their choice, near the neighborhood where they live. Taking care of Vet’s families will give them further support to be successful in their pursuits.

Asylum seeker detention camps and the child separation policy are inhumane and un-American. We need a swift path to citizenship for Dreamers and DACA recipients, and a legal way for the undocumented to come out of the shadows. We must protect workers by requiring employers to stop undercutting American wages by abusing immigrant pay.

Climate change is impacting our health, water, and food supply. Corporations and commercial fishing are the largest source of pollutants including plastics in the ocean. We need to diversify our energy sources with renewables, incentivize carbon neutral solutions, invest in research to mitigate climate change, and institute

sustainable farming and fishing practices.

According to Imam, “We’ve been conditioned to satisfy a few individuals at the top at the expense of everyone else. If we want our democracy to survive, this must stop,”. That’s the battle she has opted for to win the war so that she can have other’s backs and she isn’t giving up yet.



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