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DCI works for eliminating poverty and spreading knowledge among children

Lora Chowdhury
An Experienced Lawyer,
Sidley, Dallas

Lora Chowdhury, now a First Generation Bangladeshi-born American lawyer, is an important associate of SIDLEY, a commercial law firm. In addition to the Bangladesh community in Dallas, her reputation as a young lawyer has already spread to other communities. Prior to joining SIDLEY, she has served duties as Judicial Law Clerk for Honorable David Hittner of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas from 2017 to 2019.

Hardworking and self-confident Lora Chowdhury obtained a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Economics in 2014 from University of Texas, Austin and a bachelor degree in Law in 2017 from Vanderbilt University Law School. She has completed her secondary education from Cedar Hill High School in 2011. She is a member of the Dallas South Asian Bar Association. She is an experienced lawyer in Commercial Litigation and Disputes. Lora Chowdhury, a skilled and smart lawyer, practices at the US District Court, E.D. of Texas and the US District Court of SD of Texas. Her father’s name is Masud Chowdhury. He is a famous businessman. Her sister Lira Chowdhury is a physician by profession.

Lawyer Lora Chowdhury is working as a conscientious advocate locally, domestically and internationally to assist for the development and providing education to the underprivileged children. She has been performing this duty with utmost devotion since January 2010. This humanitarian lawyer plays an important role in arranging international conference program; she also plays a leading role in raising funds for the needy and helpless children. As a result of her positive planning and action, the children who deprived of access to legal opportunities are getting those opportunities.

Lora Chowdhury has undertaken many programs for the education of poor children and to increase awareness about rights among them. She thinks that poverty makes people helpless and deprives the children to get education. For this reason, she puts emphasis on the involvement of mothers in cottage industries and other activities to make them self-reliant. She conducts various seminars to raise awareness about the curse of poverty. She took part as a guest speaker at Yale University’s International Conference on Child Rights and Philosophy. She has taken various initiatives to create ‘hope’ in children with the power of knowledge and the significance of higher education nationally and internationally including at the local level. She is associated with the American Heart Association. As its spokesperson, she advises to make women health conscious and health sustainable.
Lora Chowdhury finds joy and happiness in working with children. She works at local, national and international level. She helps disadvantaged children to get valuable education. She believes that education is a big factor for the growth of a man. Her involvement in these activities is appreciated nationally and internationally. She also serves as an international spokesperson for the tutoring organization Distressed Children & Infants International (DCI). Her whole family including her father is involved with DCI.

She tries to spread passion and thirst for knowledge among children. Lora Chowdhury has launched a scholarship program to benefit young girls involved in DCI programs.

She spends her time working in developing countries and orphanages. She hopes that though they are helpless and miserable but every child will come forward to fulfill their dreams by using self-motivation and opportunity.

Lora Chowdhury is a visionary lawyer and political activist. She dreams of becoming a “female member of Congress” in a great state like Texas. Lora is a very energetic and hardworking woman. In 2011, Lora was empowered with a crown and a certificate as Miss Teen Texas International 2011 for spreading the power of knowledge to children around the world. As Lora herself believes, education is truly the key to success. She thinks that the education inspires others to improve their faith and values. She is a leading woman in this field. This energetic lawyer is working to eliminate poverty and transform every child into a force by spreading the light of knowledge.
She also likes to spend time and eat together with orphaned and destitute children in the orphanage. Last Ramadan, she had Iftar with the children of DCI Sun Child Home Orphanage, spent time with them and encouraged them as well.

Lora Chowdhury has founded the Learning Creators Future Scholarship Program under DCI to provide opportunities and resources for post-secondary education to indigent and underprivileged children in Third World countries. By educating children around the world about the power of knowledge and the beauty of their own dreams, she is working extremely hard to inspire children around the world. Through Learning Creatures Future, she has provided more than 30 scholarships besides training at the DCI Orphanage at Mohammadpur in Dhaka, where she has set up a library network for girls. As a result of her initiative, many indigent and helpless children have got the opportunity to establish themselves in the society by acquiring knowledge.
This initiative of lawyer Lora Chowdhury has not only her proud but also Bangladesh. Even though she is a first generation American but she loves Bangladesh very much. 3


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