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Corruption and irregularities are hampering the development of Bangladesh

Md. S Islam (Nannu)
N.K. Trade International
Trading Company ENK-Japan

Though most of the Bangladeshi entrepreneurs have been living a comfortable life abroad but they always think of their homeland Bangladesh. Nannu Mds Islam is one of them, who are the ‘key persons’ in the Japanese business arena. He is the Entrepreneurial Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of N.K. Trade International Trading Company, one of the leading companies in the Japanese car business. Nannu Mds Islam has a diversified career who had to spend a lot of labor, talent and perseverance to achieve this high position.
Nannu Mds Islam was born in an aristocratic business family of Gandaria at Old Dhaka in Dhaka Metropolitan City. His father’s name is Haji Abdul Jabbar and mother Mamtaz Begum. His father had a paddy field in Badamtali. They have a huge family of 9 siblings. After completing SSC in 1983 from Gandaria High School, Nannu Mds Islam passed HSC in 1985 and graduated from the same college. While studying in college, he got involved in luggage exporting to Hong Kong, Bangkok and Singapore through his senior business brothers in the area. He was attracted with the glamour and lifestyle of these developed countries. He decided to go to Germany for study and work purpose because he felt that it was difficult to support a large family with his father’s income. With this thinking, he took initiative to go to Germany with his friends without finishing graduation. Moreover, many of his friends in the country were tortured for taking part in anti-Ershad movement. This fear was working on him too. For this reasons, he along with his friends went to Germany in 1985.
Nannu Mds Islam thought that he needs to establish his own business instead of taking the German government’s kindness. From this thought, he was thinking of leaving Germany and coming to Japan. Seven months later, on his way to Bangkok, he took a three-day transit facility at Haneda Airport in Tokyo, Japan. He enjoys touring Japan with transit facilities. He took 8 days transit. Though Germans used to take down on black people but he understands that the Japanese are not like them. He respects the Japanese human values and decides to stay in Japan and did not return to Germany. He comes to know from the Bangladeshis staying there that if a student visa is available, he can stay there. He took admission to a language institute but the authority of language institute said that he can’t do this now rather he would have to re-enter Japan from another country. He did so. He returned to Germany via Bangkok. After few days, he came to Japan from Germany on a student visa. Then, he started classes at Tokyo International Language School. It is notable that he did a German English language course in the country before moving to Germany. After taking these two courses and practicing these languages, he became quite proficient in German and English.
He was admitted to Tokyo International Language School in Japan with his friends. Thus, he started his struggle in Japan. Besides attending to language classes in Japan, he also did a 3-month course on hotel management. As a young man, Nannu got a job at Sheraton International Hotel in Japan. He received a 30% bonus with a salary of 60,000 yearly. By working in the hotel, he got acquainted with many top entrepreneurs of Bangladesh.
One of them is Morshed Khan, a well-known entrepreneur and former minister and chairman of Pacific Group. When he went to Japan, he would stay in this hotel. Morshed Khan was an importer of Nissan & Excel cars in Bangladesh. After the acquaintance, Morshed Khan asked him to work with his company. He joined to Japan’s Orient Trading in 1993 as Export Manager.
Experienced and skilled Nannu Mds Islam saw that it is very difficult to sell a car in Bangladesh for 15/16 thousand dollars. He thought differently. He told Morshed Khan to import used cars for 3/4 thousand dollars by making them brand new. For this, he founded his own company named N.K. International Trading Company. Thus, he began his new life as an entrepreneur. Then, he did not have to look back. He is a pioneer in the export of ‘re-conditioned’ cars to Bangladesh. He is also the founder of Yellow Cab in Bangladesh in 1997. He did this with an aim of exporting his reconditioned car to Bangladesh and introducing transport system in this country as developed countries. He also gave an opportunity to hundreds of people to become an owner of ‘Yellow Cab’ business through lending process of the country’s banks and financial/leasing institutions at that time.
This thinking figure has succeeded wherever he has taken initiative. N.K. International exports cars to about 56 countries around the world.
Nannu Mds Islam has a great affection to his motherland Bangladesh. He has written on his Facebook wall ‘Bangladesh Love My Country & People’.
Nannu Mds Islam, a talented and good man from head to toe, always expects the development of Bangladesh. According to him, there are plenty of hardworking and honest people in Bangladesh but corruption and irregularities are hampering the development of the country.


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