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• Jalil Khan, USA licensed Professional Engineer working with California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS). Caltrans is the most leading Government Transportation Agency in the world and deals with million miles of Freeway as well as millions of Traffic every day and maintains 38000 Bridges / Flyovers.

• Jalil Khan come from Khan family of Nanguly Village, Upzila Nalchity, District Jhalakathi. He is the son of Md. Ali Azim Khan and he is the youngest out of four Brothers. He obtained his B.Sc. Engineering from BUET, Bangladesh.
• Jalil Khan is the Past President of American Association of Bangladeshi Engineers and Architect (AABEA), Southern California Chapter. As president and Job Committee Chairman of AABEA, he helped many people including engineers to find jobs. At present more than 200 NRB Engineers are working in Caltrans from Bangladeshi origin. He contributed and worked hard for job placement for the new immigrants including engineers. From mentoring to Resume writing; training and trough interview process for the engineers, so that they could be hired by the California State Department or other engineering Firms. Also he helped other needy people of the community seeking jobs. AABEA-SC raised enough funds for introducing Research Award in Bangladesh in the fields of Engineering, Science & Agriculture.
• Jalil Khan is the founder and President of the Bangladesh American Sheriff Advisory Council (BASAC).
In the year 2006, Jalil Khan with other Community Leaders, moved to establish a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Bangladeshi-American Advisory Council (BASAC)
The idea for a Bangladeshi American Sheriff Advisory Council took shape soon after leaders from the community joined forces with the local South Asian American community to support community members through law enforcement agency.
• Also Jalil Khan is the Founder and Executive Director of Bangladesh American Political Action Committee (BAPAC), established in the year 2005.
BAPAC played a big role together with South Asian Community. Organized many fundraising events and raised about $100,000.00 in electing Mr. Villaraigosa as Mayor of great City of Los Angeles.

BAPAC Volunteers involved in precinct walking, phone banking and encouraged our community members to cast their ballots. Therefore, BAPAC taking our community to mainstream politics to build better future for Bangladeshi Americans, who will be settled here for generations to come. Subsequently in the year 2007 BAPAC members joined forces with other community members and actively participated in the campaign process for Presidential election of President Obama.

• For the past few years Jalil Khan actively involved in volunteering
works for many fundraising events and election campaign for the Honorable Lt. Governor, Assembly Speaker Mr. Fabian Nunez, State Treasurer John Chiang, Congresswoman Ms. Loretta Sanchez, Ms. Linda sanchez, Ms. Judy Chu, Senator Betty Carnet and many others. And for the last many years Bangladeshi Community Leaders joined hands with Jalil Khan for many Fundraising events for Congressman & Congresswomen in California. Notably Bangladeshi Community Leaders for the last few years also involved in Fundraising for mainstream politicians of US Congress with US Speaker Nancy Pelosi as Chief Guest, and for our support, the Speaker of US Congress very much recognize Bangladesh and our causes in Congress. Jalil Khan organized & raised major funds for the first Bangladesh Parade Day in Los Angeles in the year 2007 & 2008, the Mayor of Los Angeles as the Chief Guest .
• “Little Bangladesh” – In the year 2007 Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was the Chief Guest at the Bangladesh Parade Day in Los Angeles. Jalil Khan convinced the Mayor to declare a portion of Business district as “Little Bangladesh”. Now Little Bangladesh is being recognized by and officially declared by the City Council of Los Angeles. This is milestone achievement for Bangladeshis living in USA and they are proud to find themselves in the World Map! Jalil Khan registered Little Bangladesh inc. and later proposed California Department of Transportation to install “Little Bangladesh” Sign on Freeway 101 at Vermont Avenue Exit for the recognition of Little Bangladesh Community. With intense negotiation for two years and massive fundraising needed for sign installation, Jalil Khan was successful finally to put Bangladesh in World map.
• Jalil Khan served twice as the President of Professional Engineers in California Government (PECG), Los Angeles Section. He is the first South Asian to be elected in such an honorary position, previously he also served as the Secretary. He was the elected President having 4000 Engineers members for the State of California from all over the World. As PECG President, he played a key role for the pay-raise (about 30% t0 40%) for the members of Professional Engineers in California Government. Again Jalil Khan was elected President of PECG (Professional Engineers in California Government) in the year 2019.

• After Cyclone SIDR hit Bangladesh, Jalil Khan with other BAPAC Directors (Dr. Saiful Islam and Shafiul Islam) raised more than 20.000.00 dollars and directly distributed among the victims.
• Jalil Khan also involved with Friends of South Asian American Communities (FOSAAC) and he is the Co-Chair (FOSAAC) for Bangladesh. During Democratic Primary he participated in fund raising for the Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton and raised quarter million dollars.

• Jalil Khan is one of the Directors of “BACHAO”, a non profit Organization, provides funding for the education of distressed & needy children of Bangladesh. Last year BACHAO funded about $140,000.00 for very poor children of slums and the others who do not have means to get education & survive. BACHAO allocate funding through different Organizations in different Districts for those children, who do not have food, shelter, education and health care. BACHAO also actively involved in protecting & saving children from early child marriage, in the District of Jessore alone 1400 children were saved from early child marriage and BACHAO are funding them for higher education in many different Schools & Colleges. To view BACHAO’s activities please visit:

• Jalil Khan is the founding Convenor of NRB (Non-Resident Bangladeshi) Council USA. NRB Council is being established for promoting many concerns and issues of Immigrants from Bangladesh living in many different countries of the world. NRB Council USA requested Bangladesh Government to set up a Bangladesh Overseas Facilitation Center (BOFC) for the benefit of Non-Resident Bangladeshis. NRB Council USA proposed that The Ministry of Expatriate’s Welfare and Overseas Employment in association with Board of Investment should form a Facilitation Center, which will act as “one-stop-shop” for addressing all the queries of the Non-Resident Bangladeshis regarding opportunities available in the country.
Recent activities:
1. NRB Council USA submitted a Memorandum to US Congress through Speaker Nancy Pelosi for GSP (Generalized Special Provision) to waive Tariff on Garments Industry of Bangladesh.
2. NRB Council USA proposed Intelligent Traffic Management Systems (ITMS) to resolve burning issue of Traffic Congestion of Dhaka City to the Government through Member of Parliament Mr. Monirul Islam.
3. NRB Council USA presented a Rehabilitation Plan (including housing plan) for Dhaka Slum Population through Member of Parliament Mr. Monirul Islam.
4. NRB Council USA proposed for Convention of Bangladesh Caucus Members of US Congress to foster better understanding between Bangladesh and US Government.

Engineer Jalil Khan Recipients of the following Awards:
• Golden Hat award from American Association of Bangladeshi Engineers and Architects (AABEA) for contributing in mainstreamtAmerican politics for the benefit of Bangladesh
• Excellence in Community Services Award from Bangladesh Unity Federation of Los Angeles (BUFLA)
• Ekushe Padak on behalf of Bangladesh Community from Los Angeles Baishakhi Mela
• Award from Professional Engineers of California Government (PECG) for the contribution and services rendered for 4000 professional engineer members.
• Certificate of Appreciation from American Association of Bangladeshi Engineers, Southern California Chapter (AABEA-SC) for the promotion and support services for engineering members.
• Certificate of Appreciations from US Congress Speaker Ms. Nancy Pelosi and from many US Congress Members.
• Founding Co-Convener of CONE (Convention of NRB Engineers), 2019. Successfully Hosted Convention of NRB
Engineers on 26 & 27 February in the year 2019 at Sonargaon Hotel, Dhaka. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina as Chief Guest inaugurated the Convention, about 300 NRB Engineers from 30 different countries participated in the Convention, we have proposed & submitted about 60 long term / short term need based projects for the development of Bangladesh. All the Projects were compiled and published in the Journal for future reference, edited by Engineer Jalil Khan. Out of all these projects, Bangladesh Government already adapted and started implementation of very important projects such as: A Road Map to Cybersecurity Solution for Bangladesh, Ground Satellite Station for Monitoring, Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Center Establishment, Dhaka Traffic Mitigation etc.
The primary purpose of the Convention of NRB Engineers (CONE 2019) is to bring the Non-Resident Bangladeshi Engineers across the World and help facilitate their engagement to the development of Bangladesh.


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