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Change the way we live and work: The Dynamic Teaching Learning Method from an innovative entrepreneur for Fresh Graduates to Start Career at Mid-Level Job!

Educationist, IT Trainer and Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is one of the most effective tools for development of fast changing world. Great entrepreneurs have the ability to change the way we live and work. In this 4IR, a vast part of socio-economic control is in the hands of the talented entrepreneurs. Abubokor Hanip is one such talented entrepreneur and educationist who hails from Bangladesh and by himself grown to an industry. His experiences make him a skillful man who believes that right mental attitude, skills and determination can take one to the pinnacle of success.
Born at Cheora village of Nangalkot Upazila in Cumilla, Engineer Abubokor Hanip came to America after completing Bachelor of Science in EEE from Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology with a view to taking higher education and changing his fortune. But, he was disappointed because his dream was busted while he wasn’t able to get a job by making use of his Engineering credential and was compelled to do odd jobs like others. He struggled and obtained the Master’s in Computer Science from NYIT with almost CGPA 4.0 which eventually didn’t help him to get a job right away. He was disappointed further but didn’t turn down. He pursued some skill development courses in Oracle, Unix, Java etc. and achieved Vendor Certifications to improve his skills and was able to get a job with $75,000 yearly. He wasn’t satisfied even after getting a better job and working for IBM, DoD, IRS, FDIC and Oracle Corporation. His thoughts were anxious to help other Bangladeshi Immigrants and started training them with a view to developing human resources. He believes the image of our motherland will be brightened when the Bangladeshi Immigrants get mainstream jobs. When he saw the success, he gave it institutional structure and established PeopleNTech Institute of Information Technology (PIIT) ( to provide IT training programs especially for those who were earning minimum wages so that all immigrants can get opportunities.
PIIT is authorized by SCHEV, NYSED and NYCDCA. With classes held simultaneously in classrooms in NY, NJ, VA, PA and PIIT also offers live interactive online classes around the world. Since its inception in 2005, his institute PIIT has successfully trained and placed over 7000 trainees into IT positions who are earning yearly 100k to 200k. These students came from all walks of life, including cab drivers, gas station attendants, restaurant waiters and university graduates. Even though he started with Bangladeshis, now immigrants from all countries including Americans are also studying in his institution.
Engr. Hanip has been implementing the innovative skill development model and job placement service through PIIT and PeopleNTech LLC in the USA, Canada, Bangladesh and beyond for the last fifteen years using the concept “A Dynamic Teaching Learning Methodology Enabling Fresh Graduates Starting Career at Mid-Level”, Mr. Hanip’s paper explaining his methodology is in the process of publishing in International Journal.
He recently acquired IGLOBAL UNIVERSITY ( His dream is to establish this University as a role-model university in the USA and worldwide where 100% of its fresh graduates will be able to start their career at least at mid-level right after their graduation. IGLOBAL UNIVERSITY students will earn Degree, Job Skills, Vendor Certificates and their Dream Job assistance.
Mr. Hanip and his wife Farhana live in Great Falls, VA with their three daughters Nafisa, Preeata and Elaf.


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