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Canada is the best country to raise your family and a priceless asset for your next generation!

Dr. Shah Jaheer Ahmed
Shah & Associates; South International

Shah Jaheer Ahmed is one of the entrepreneurs who are brightening the image of Bangladesh by creating opportunities for Bangladeshis to live in foreign lands. He is playing an important role in assisting the people of Bangladesh to immigrate to Canada
Shah Jaheer Ahmed came to Canada in the early 1990’s and settled there after seeing the country’s diverse community, high standard of living, human behavior, laws, judicial independence and so on. He then founded Shah & Associates to assist and prach the knowledge of immigration those interested in moving from Bangladesh and settle there.
Shah Jaheer Ahmed came to Bangladesh in 1994 and established a subsidiary of Southeast International and Shah & Associates. This adept and intelligent man has helped countless Bangladeshis to immigrate to Canada and continues to do so. At first many did not believe that there were many immigration opportunities in Canada. In the beginning, he used to give advice and guidance on how to prepare for the IELTS test from the time he started making the application. This would have been very helpful in getting their visas. For this, he used to organize seminars in Dhaka, Chittagong, Khuna, Rajshahi and present the rules of immigration to Canada.
In the beginning, he had to work hard and struggle alone. In Toronto, he has put in immense effort to become successful and help his clients move to such a beautiful country like Canada. After 25 years, with honesty and perseverance he is now one of the most prominent businessman in Bangladesh.
By dint of hard work by him and his team, their company Shah & Associates and Southeast International Immigration have been established as “The trusted name for Canadian Immigration in Asia”
Shah Jaheer Ahmed, Chairman, Shah & Associates, says that there is a golden opportunity for Bangladeshi businessmen to become permanent residents in Canada. He says that even if anyone has assets of 2 Millions CAD in Bangladesh, He or She can apply under the Canada Investor program, he/she can become citizens with their families under this program through a very simple and transparent process.
Now the question may arise why would you want to live permanently in Canada and become an immigrant? This is because this country in North America is rated by the United Nations. There are opportunities for higher education, Free health care and other provincial benefits The biggest thing is that people want security, freedom in law and justice system. These exist in this country. Therefore, after creating this opportunity, people from many countries of the world have been showing more interest to become immigrants in this country.
With a population of just over three million people, compared to Canada’s huge 10 million square kilometers, about 300,000 people from around the world are trying yo immigrate to Canada every year with various immigration opportunities. Not only the people of the third world but also the people of rich countries are getting the assurance of a secure life by becoming immigrants to this developed country. Immigrants can be come to Canada if they are proficient in investor, entrepreneur, self employed and any of the prescribed professions.
However, Southeast International is doing the job with such speed and fidelity. It is the only firm that does not charge in advance for doing this work. Jaheer Ahmed adds that this second-largest country has a secure society, excellent law and order situation, improved medical care, integrated banking system, education, and access to privacy.
Canada is also called a country of Land of immigrants and opportunities. Immigrants to Canada are living in equally improved health care and pollution-free environments. Canada is a member of the G-8 group of the world’s richest countries. Canadians as a nation are the most highly educated. Shah Jaheer Ahmed thinks that Canada is the best country in the world to raise a family. The country has its own resources, as well as The United States, Mexico the country’s largest trading partner.
The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) also provides an easy opportunity to do business in this region to 500 million people. The ‘Investor Program’ can be applied only to those businessmen who have assets of two Millions Candian Dollars. And are interested in investing 1.2 Millions Candian Dollar in Canada, and this amount can be finance from Canadian financial institutions. Who has 2 years of successful business or magments experience he/she can apply under this program. It is notable that the property of husband and wife will be considered as valuation in total.
The following special services are provided to a successful entrepreneur who is older, has less educational qualifications or is less proficient in English for immigration to Canada in Investor Program.
A) Financial Assistance: Provide financial assistance to fulfill the conditions for paying 1.2 Millions dollar to the Government of Canada for an immigrant application.
B. File Review: All the documents required for the application of the applicants in the Investor Program are submitted after examination. No fee is charged for this.
C) Assist applicants in preparing for interview in investor category. Classes are taken but no fee is charged.
Dr. Shah Jaheer Ahmed and his associates, including his son who is now standing bu jis father and the people of Bangladesh thinks that the more people should consider Canada as their second home, to secure their and the next generations future. Such migration will boost both (Canada & Bangladesh) economies generating remittances, spread of ideas and consumerism. The relation of Bangladesh will be even stronger in the developed world including Canada. Whether you are a student, skilled worker or business person, Canada is the right choice.


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