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Britannia Group’s mission is to provide an outstanding level of service and expertise in the real estate market that is innovative and ambitious

Abdur Rouf JP
Britannia Group

With a promising effort Abdur Rouf J.P. (Justice of Peace) is playing a major role in the real estate development sector in Bangladesh. He is a former textile engineer and businessman who has dedicated himself to provide housing solutions with his real estate business through Britannia Group. He is the Chairman of this organization.
After he finished textile engineering, he left Bangladesh for Scotland in 1971 for higher studies. Later he established himself as a successful entrepreneur owning a property development business. He purpose built the 3 level Dill Se restaurant in the heart of Dundee city which had been awarded the ‘Civic Trust Award’ from the Dundee City Council for modern piece of Architecture in 2003. Mr. Rouf is the only entrepreneur from Indian subcontinent to receive such prestigious award.
He owned two of the best restaurants in the UK; One is in the heart of Dundee and another one is in St. Andrews with one acre of Organic herb Garden in Scotland. BALAKA, which was voted best in United Kingdom in 2001 and another Restaurant DIL SE, was voted best in Scotland in 2003.
Mr. Rouf, sponsor director of Mutual Trust Bank Ltd. Bangladesh, is also the director of Scottish Cancer Research Center. He had been awarded the Justice of Peace in 1999 at the city of Dundee. As a Chairman of Diamond Properties Bangladesh Limited, he has successfully developed St. Andrews House at Baridhara.
Presently, he is in the process of establishing a unique residential complex named Scottish Village at Dumni, 4 miles from Baridhara. His dream project Scottish Village designed by Scottish and Bangladeshi Architects will be built by Britannia Group. Abdur Rouf J.P. is a renowned entrepreneur and personality. Abdur Rouf J.P., Chairman of Britannia Group, is one of the most prominent names among all those successful businessmen or industrialists who drove themselves from the grassroots’ level. Mr. Rouf is a dazzling example at the zenith point of success through sincerity, dedication and hard work. In 2001, he had become the life member of the University of St. Andrews. Since last eleven years he is The Regional President of BBCC (British Bangla Chamber of Commerce) in Scotland.
In 1999, Mr. Rouf become the Honorary Vice- President of the Debating Society of the University of St. Andrews, which is the oldest debating society in the world. One of the most basic needs of human being is housing. According to the demand the housing facilities are not sufficient and that encouragement from the private sector real estate business where with an organization such as Britannia Group has also effectively achieved the fame. Within just one year they have started the development work of twelve projects in some amazing locations of Dhaka city and in Sylhet. In this short phase of time no other organization able to run such number of projects. This is the biggest achievement. Former was British High Commissioner to Bangladesh Mr. Anwar Chowdhury who inaugurated Britannia Group on April 14, 2006.
The Chairman of Britannia Group, Mr. Rouf is basically a very friendly, lovable and positively confident in his personal life. Mr. Rouf likes to think about Bangladesh. In his opinion, social void, corruption, unemployment and poverty could be removed with a strong financial pedestal. Britannia Group always concerned of the total quality and on time handover of their projects with proper architectural, landscape, interior and foundation design under the supervision of high skilled technocrats.
Britannia Group is a British-Bangla joint venture property development company with a 75% investment from Britain. With a motto ‘bringing you the world of understanding’ this organization assures that for them, quality is the prime consideration, while profit is a logical consequence. Britannia Group’s mission is to provide an outstanding level of service and expertise in the real estate market that is innovative and ambitious.


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