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Bidita Rahman

Asian American Author & Young Scholar, Bilingual Story Writer and Poet, Voice Narrator Artist & Reciter, Banglali Community Activist New York and Philanthropist. She completed a Masters in Science of Education (School Building Leadership) with Scholarship from St. John’s University, New York. And Business Graduate from Daffodil International University, Bangladesh. Bachelor of Business Administration (Major: Marketing and Human Resource Management), 23rd Batch, Daffodil International University, 2013. Professional Education Certification, Commercial Real Estate Finance, MIT, Boston, 2020.
Professional Experiences:
5 Years of Volunteer Experience, British Council of Bangladesh.
2 Years Administrative Experiences, Alliance Française de Dhaka (French Institute, Affiliate with French Embassy), Bangladesh
Two years of French Language teaching experiences, Daffodil International School, Dhaka Bangladesh.
Three years of Research Experiences, St John’s University-New York.
Two years Management Consultant, S&N B Corporation, New York.
Three years volunteer and Donor at Clinton Foundation, New York.
Two years Editor at Hijab Magazine, USA.
Three years are running with the Interfaith Center of the USA.
3 Year Real Estate Research Experiences and one year Real Estate investing and consulting, Platinum Niagara LLC, New York.
Fifteen years of Writing experiences in Bangladesh and New York Community Newspapers.
In a professional outlook, Bidita Rahman is a Business Educator and Educational Leadership specialist. She is writing since childhood and starts with diary writing and essay writing. When she grew starts with the poems in Bengali, Urdu, and English. She likes Poet Jalaluddin Rumi, Poet Jibonanondo Dash, Poet Emily Dickenson, Novelist Bongimchandra Chattapaday, Novelist J.K Rowling, Stephen King, and Dan Brown. She is a Professional Article and Column writer last ten years in Bangladesh and United States Asian Community Newspapers.
Website: International Author,
Publications: 7 Books related to Education, Self-development, and Non-fiction.
1. The Dark Window:
Watching brightness alone and feels black time wheels (American Poetry Book, Language: English)
2. Grey Sense:
A Mysterious Silence – English language (Asian Poetry Book, Language: English)
3. 21st Century Educational Science (General Education, language: Bangla)
4. The Poetry of sigh (Poetry Book, Language: Bangla)
5. The Powerful Diary of Human Mind. (Personal Development Book, Language: English)
6. The Road of Obstacles. (Poetry Book, Language: Bangla).
7. You are More than You are, (Self Development Book, Language: English). Upcoming
Award: She recognized as a Scientific Poet and Writer from The Gemini Magazine, New York Asian Community, for her distinguished contribution to the field in 2017. She is Achieved New York City Council Citation Honoree Award as a Community Writer from the council of the city of New York, 2018. She has achieved NRB Writer Award as a Best Community Contribution Writer from the North American Bangladeshi Community in New York City, 2018.
Professional Affiliation: Kappa Delta Pi, American Educational Research Association, And Writers Club USA.
Activity: Voice narration with ten books, recitation poems, New York Bengali Community Activist, Philanthropist.
Hobby: Playing Chess, Jigsaw, Sudoku, and Painting.
Motivation strategy: Patience: Practice: Persistence
By Nature: Motivator, Kind, Loving, Responsible, Challenging, and Stubborn.
Aim: Teaching and Research
Academic Conference:
• Participating Teaching Narratives Symposium: Sharing Innovative Pedagogies by Center for Teaching and Learning, St. John’s University, May 31, 2018.
• Arranging and Participating Faculty Forum on a Novel Assessment Approach to Identifying Characteristics of early mathematics teaching occurring in early childhood settings by Dr. Bilge Cerezci at Pacini Room, Sullivan Hall, St John’s University, April 25, 2018.
• participating in Public Meeting of the Panel for Educational Policy at Murry Bergtraum High School, Manhattan, NY, on Feb 28, 2018.
• Participating Faculty Forum on Learning in and from practice: Opportunities and Implications for teacher’s informal learning in Lithuania and the USA by Dr. Elena Jurasaite-O’Keefe at St. John’s University, New York, February 13, 2018.
• Participating Faculty Forum on Community-Based Programs Fostering Knowledge toward Latino Parental Involvement by Elizabeth Gil, Executive Director of the Detroit College Access Network and Assistant Professor St. John’s University, December 5, 2017.
• Attending Faculty Forum on “Friendly Competition Among Our Schools: How Open Enrolment Affects Leadership and Equity” on Pacini Room at St. John’s University from Dr. Stephen Kotok, October 2017.
• Attending Faculty Forum on “Comparison between US and Turkey on Gifted Education System and on Instructional Materials and strategies for Nurturing Creativity in Mathematics Education for Gifted Students” on Pacini Room from Dr. Burcu Durmaz at St. John’s University, September 2017.
• Participate in Kappa Delta Pi, Delta Rho Chapter’s Regional Chapter Conference-Culturally Responsive Teaching and Leading at Kean University New Jersey, April 2017.
• Attained Workshop on Educational Technology for Authentic Lifelong Learning AT4All at Mount Saint Mary College, New Burgh, April 2017.
“Life is real imagination where the human can hive or can thrive.”
“Survival depends on your decision, either you type or you quip.”
“The destiny of life is one feels excellent, and others are in threat.”
“Experience is watching the power of helpless and quitting the selfless.”
“When life examines your emotion over your intellect, emotion wins, and the situation worse. Do not control your feelings because it is dominant than you, but you can change the hands to choose intellect, which supports you.”
“In life, you can educate, or you can dedicate or both”
“Life becomes suspense when you become pretense.”
“Hope is the sense yellow box; you can wear it, or you can live it.”
” The honor of hope is today what you have, and tomorrow what you will achieve.”
“Hope can define mental stress or strength.”
“You can measure the day with three-time with hours, but the hope is measuring your limitless power where you can find your dopamine to use in a particular place.”
“When life kicks you, feel like a raining or like a ruining, you judge.”
“The intention of life and petition of life. Two different appeals, but you use both”
“Life gives you two options, either you preside, or you reside.”
“When the combination of heal and feel, then the pain of life is can Neil.”
“The champion of life is focusing on the depth existence of yourself.”
“Confidence about your skills may interact with your inner talent, where life helps you to teach more.”
“When life gives you a hard lesson, take it with challenges.”
“The life of happiness is not creating by yourselves, but you build with small charity practices.”
“Life is not easy drinking water; it is a sweet orange juice with making some effort and mixing some sweetness.”
“Hope is the way of thinking about the reason you live.”
“Hope and troop, think, or act; you define the strong resilience inside you.”
“Pain can defeat weakness.”




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