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Bidita Rahman’s Research on ‘Educational Leadership and Research Analysis’ is gaining momentum

Bidita Rahman
Asian American Author & Scholar

You are more than you are” from Amazon Kindle has been authored by Bidita Rahman, an American Bangladeshi budding scholar.She is a prominent author, poet, presenter, reciter, translator, community activist, and philanthropist.She has 8 Book publications and Numerous Articles in Print and Virtual Media and Newspapers to her name. She is writing on Education and Economic analysis, Mental Health, Cognitive Development, and Bilingualism and putting her research to practical use. Her research on Educational Leadership is being discussed worldwide and implementedin Bangladesh. She is also a counseling specialist.

Bidita Rahmanis currently enrolled in a Doctor of Education programat St. John’s University in New York. Her Masters’s was in science Education in School Building Leadership. She received her Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Daffodil International University, Dhaka, in 2013. She has also obtained a Certificate of Professional Education in Commercial Real Estate Finance from MIT, Boston, in 2020.
Bidita Rahman has earned professional experience working at the British Council, Bangladesh, as a student counselor and volunteer. She has two years of administrative experience at the French Institute at the French Embassy and experiences teaching the French language at Daffodil International School in Dhaka. She did three years of a research assistant and graduate fellow at John’s University in New York and worked for three years as Management Consultant at S&NB Corporation in New York. She was also a Volunteer & Donor at the Clinton Foundation in New York for three years and editor of Hijab Magazine in the USA for two years.
She worked for three years as a consultant at Platinum Niagara LLC, a New York real estate company. Besides, Bidita Rahman has written for newspapers in Bangladesh and New York for more than sixteen years.
Bidita Rahman practiced poetry in Bengali, Urdu, and English from an early age. She is very much amused by the literature of Jalaluddin Rumi, Jibanananda Das, poet Emily Dickenson, novelist Bankim Chandra Chatterjee, J. K. Rowling, Stephen King, and Dan Brown. She writes articles, essays, columns, and poems in Bangladeshi and American newspapers. She has published eightbooks on education, self-improvement, and non-fiction. These are- The Black Bee, Education -The Science of feeling, You are More than You are, The Dark Window, Grey Sense, 21st Century Educational Science, The Poetry of Sigh (in Bengali), The Road of Obstacles (Bangla Poetry).
Bidita Rahman has won several medals and awards for her outstanding writing. As a science-minded poet and writer, she was honored by Gemini Magazine in New York in 2016. She has received numerous accolades, including the 2019 New York City Council Citation Honoree Award. She is also recognized by the Kappa Delta Pi American Educational Research Association and Writers Club of USA. This multifaceted poet of the time has already translated ten books and earned huge fame reciting poems at different programs. Bidita can also draw good pictures. She likes challenging jobs. She wants to present her speech with suitable logic in teaching and seminars. She has given informative lectures in various symposiums and workshops, including universities. She has delivered a speech on severalessential occasions on the Mental health education system, children’s education, and teaching methods.
Bidita Rahman has numerous sayings in analyzing conventional social systems. Two of these are “Life is real imagination where the human can hive or Can Thrive” and “Survival depends on your decision, either you type or you quip.”
Bangladeshi American Bidita Rahman always feels proud of her country’s development. According to her, education development in Bangladesh will lead to economic and human development.


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