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“Bengali culture can never be forgotten because it is our roots”

Masud Chowdhury, President, Concord Restaurant Inc.

Over the years many talented and accomplished individuals of Bangladesh have established their permanent residences abroad and found their passion in various profession and trades including business, commerce and politics across the globe.
Bangladeshi-born American Masud Chowdhury is one of them. Masud came to USA in early 1980 in Phoenix Arizona,USA in pursuit of Higher Education. Today he is a successful businessman, a true leader, and an entrepreneur. He owns and leads multiple business enterprises, just to name few, He is a multi-unit Franchisee of Sonic Drive In “America’s Most Loved Restaurant Brand” he is partner in multiple retail , Gasoline business and owns real estate company.
He is the founding president of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce USA (BCCUSA), Dallas, Texas. He has served in many different capacity in various organizations .

From an early age, Masud Chowdhury is known as a man of integrity and always there to help others. He believes in two sayings one is- ‘ Hard Work pays Off and Cream always rise on Top” and “ Think Big Act Small” . He frequently uses these statements in his speeches, motivating others . He is the living legend of his both sayings.
The student life of Masud Chowdhury is quite remarkable.
He joined the elite intelligent group of young people in seventh Grade in Jhenaidah Cadet College, where he received his SSC, Later he finished his HSC from Adamjee Cantonment College and received his BSc. degree from Dhaka College before moving to USA. He attended Devry Institute Of Technology in Phoenix and Arizona State University in Tempe ,Arizona . He started his professional career in management in corporate America . In 1986 is when he started business as partner of a large US corporation and since then he has expanded his business every year to where he is today. The secret behind his success is lead a well-disciplined and honest life. He values integrity,loyalty and dedication in all spheres of his career. When asked he said “ Work Hard , Stay Happy, Be kind and Trust in God- Everything will fall in its Place”.

Masud Chowdhury is a dedicated entrepreneurial personality. He has honored Bangladesh by consolidating his position in American trade arena with his efforts and self-confidence.
After owning and operating businesses in three States and multiple cities for a long time , He has consolidated all his business in and around Dallas metroplex for past 20 years. The Chowdhury family resides in a suburb of Dallas, Texas, USA.
He has engaged himself in the USA mainstream lifestyle and earned a reputation as a prominent businessman. His office is located in Duncanville Texas.

As the Founding President of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce USA (BCCUSA), Dallas, Texas. He not only thinks about his own business but also has organized other businessmen of Bangladesh community to protect their own interests.
Besides all these businesses, he is always there to support various development , social and cultural activities of the Bangladesh community.

He never forgets his own educational institution and the poor and distressed people of Bangladesh
He served as President of JEXCA-NA ( Jhenaidah Cadet College Alumni Organization) and currently is a member of their executive board.
He is the chief advisor of Distressed Children & Infants International (DCI), Boston Massachusetts. He is a member of the Board of Directors of Dallas/Ft Worth Sonic Co-op, He serves in the Franchisee Advisory Council, and is member of many other business organizations. He has received numerous awards and recognitions throughout his career . He is the 1st recipient of Sonic Heart Of Fame award.

Masud Chowdhury is married to Limu Chowdhury. Living a happy life together since 1985 .When asked about his wife, Masud expressed simply and without a doubt that Behind every successful man and successful children there is always a very hard working woman. The couple is blessed with two daughters and a son. His children are as talented as their father. The eldest daughter, Lira Chowdhury, is a distinguished urologist sergeant, the second daughter, Lora Chowdhury, is a corporate trial attorney at a large renowned legal firm in USA , and the only son, Maraaj Chowdhury, is a second-year student in Bio-Med Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. His wife and all three of his children has been involved and working with DCI from their very early childhood helping the distressed children in Bangladesh .

As a father, Masud Chowdhury is a friend and an inspiration to his children . His advice to them is – Meaningful education is more powerful than Excessive Wealth. His children have been able to establish themselves successfully because they have practiced their father’s ideology and respected his advice throughout.

Masud Chowdhury visits Bangladesh frequently. He has seen how Bangladesh has developed over the past 4 decades. He gets excited every time he goes there , seeing new things , new high rise building, roads, technology ,and overall the welfare of the general people. He is so proud of his motherland he clearly says” We are no less than any other country in the world”. His clear statement on the issue of socio-economic development of Bangladesh is in the hands of New Generations upward thinking of politics and knowledge of modern time science , technology and leadership. The future of Bangladesh is brighter than ever.

Whenever he hears any good news of Bangladesh, his mind fills with joy. He always says to the children that the Bengali culture can’t be forgotten because it is our root. He has raised his children introducing to the culture and history of Bangladesh. Masud Chowdhury is a proud Bangladeshi .


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