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Bangladeshi people are hard-working and they are making contributions to the development of different countries across the globe

Mohammed Nazim
Director, NRB Commercial Bank Ltd.
Managing Director
Al Badar Real Estate LLC

Mohammed Nazim, a prominent businessman in the United Arab Emirates, is one of the successful entrepreneurs from Bangladesh who are brightening the image of the country across the globe. He is the Managing Director of Al Majal Group of Companies & Al Badar Real Estate LLC, a notable business group in the UAE.
Mohammed Nazim was born on January 2, 1971 in Chittagong in an aristocratic Muslim family. He was a lucky child because he was born in the land of independent Bangladesh. He took up business ventures in the country after graduating from university. Then he thought about going abroad for a job or business. From that thinking, he migrated to the United Arab Emirates. He became involved in the Car Wash & Car Maintenance and Real Estate business there. Today, he is the chairman of Al Majal Group of Companies, a huge business empire that has continued its success in business arena. Its business office is located in Sharjah, the heart of the UAE’s business district. He joined the industry group in 1998 and built his own business infrastructure.
Mohammed Nazim occupies a prominent position in the UAE in the car washing business. The notable business establishments of his Al Bader Cars Washing business are Al Bader Cars Washing Station- (Main Branch-1,2), Dar Al Salam Cars Washing Station (Main Branch 1, 2) Bin Bader Cars Washing Station, Dar Al Madina Station LLC, Blue Sky Car Polishing and Cleaning, Al Majal Cars Wash, Al Sir Cars Service Center (Main Branch 1, 2, 3), Al Ardhal Thahabiah and Biba Cars Service Center (Main Branch 1, 2).
The potential entrepreneurial personality Mohammed Nazim is also involved in the housing sector in a sophisticated city like Dubai. AL Bader Real Estate L.L.C. established by him was able to attract the attention of the flat buyers or land buyers within a very short time. He considers business as a sacred place. He thinks that business must be profitable but there will be ethics and honesty. He says that the Almighty has made business lawful and usury unlawful. At the same time, unjust deceptions and lies have not been forbidden. That is why he values ​​loyalty and honesty and ethics in business. In terms of car washing, the reputation of all car washing centers under this group, including Al Bader Cars Washing Station, is now well-known throughout the UAE. Personally, as a friendly and careerist businessman, he works in cars with utmost care. He used to tell his officials and employees that the washing center was of no value if people bring problems and if they did not get any solution of the problem rather they would have to face the opposite problem. It is because of his sincerity that he has been able to gain a reputation as unique in the car washing business.
Mohammed Nazim is personally involved with the Bangladesh community there. He always comes forward to solve any problem of Bangladeshis. He also contributed a lot to various cultural events. He used to extend his hand of cooperation during any disaster in Bangladesh. He helps the needy in his locality. He also provides grants to schools, colleges and madrasas in his area. Mohammad Nazim believes that Bangladesh is climbing the ladder of development today. However, he hopes that this development would have been faster if corruption and irregularities could have been reduced in the country. He says, Bangladeshi people are hard-working and they are making contributions to the development of different countries across the globe.


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