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Bangladeshi Americans are still devoted to their roots

Jamie MR Kazi
A rising leader in the American politics

Jamie MR Kazi, a talented and self-confident young man of the time, has aptly proved this statement by saying, “Talented youth is the light of hope and aspiration for the future.” Bangladeshi American Jamie MR Kazi has been able to arouse quite a response in the mainstream American politics. His father, Kazi Helal Ahmed, is a prominent entrepreneur in the United States. He is the founder of the International Finance & Development Corporation (IFDC), a leading financial institution in the international arena and owner of many business firms including Hilton Hotel Dhaka.

It was a natural thought that Jamie MR Kazi would be a business person like his father. But, he did not do so and became active in the mainstream American politics. Jamie MR Kazi holds a BBA degree in Finance from Peach University in New York City. He is a member of the Democratic County Committee of the New York Democratic County Committee. This emerging youth has served as Legislative Director in the New York State Legislative Office. He served as the elected official representative of a section of the Manhattan Lower East Side of Manhattan Democratic Party. He also served as Treasurer of the Manhattan Young Democrats, New York, for the year 2017-18. He funded about 25,000 dollars collecting through donations, membership and ticket sales/fundraising sponsorships.
Jamie MR Kazi has worked with the president and executive board of Manhattan Young Democrat demanding that the Manhattan Democratic Party recognize the Young Democrats as the official party youth force in their constitution and make the way open for them to join the party.

They have run a project to select young democrats to the Democratic County Committee. As a result, 100 candidates have been selected or nominated by influential Democratic district leaders on the basis of applications from various influential Democratic clubs.
As Treasurer of the Greek Council, he conducted year-round activities using a budget of 13,000 dollars. He has also played an important role in Philanthropy Committee of Zeta Beta Tan International Fraternity Inc.
Jamie MR Kazi served as a member of the executive committee of the Samuel J. Tilden Democratic Club in East Manhattan, New York, since 2016 to till now. As an active executive member, he has expanded the activities of the club. He has engaged its activities in the development of the community. He has participated in many rallies, public meetings and protests with club members. He is involved in the housing policy, social justice policy and economic policy adopted by the club.
Jamie MR Kazi, a visionary young leader, was the secretary of Downtown Independent Democratic Club in 2016-17. He used to present his views on the club’s voters, candidates for election to vote to approve the policy of the Housing Social Justice Policy, Economic Policy. He also took care of the policy of the opposition party.
Jamie MR Kazi, an undisputed youth leader, formed the Rotaract Club of Peace University & Lower while studying at Peace University in New York and served as its Co-Founder & President from 2014 to 2016. He has participated in many social development activities in Manhattan through this Rotaract Club. They organized many charity programs and handed over the collected money to the helpless people.
Jamie MR Kazi was born in the house of an established businessman with a golden spoon in his mouth, but he is willing to establish himself as a politician. He thinks immigrants, especially Bangladeshi Americans, are now playing an important role as America’s economic power. In that case, we should be more active in mainstream politics. According to Jamie MR Kazi, a large portion of Bangladeshi Americans are still devoted to their roots. We want the economic development of Bangladesh where people of all classes will lead a standard life. He thinks the expatriates have an important role in establishing this kind of Bangladesh. He says that he came to politics to achieve that goal.


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