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Bangladesh Will Soon Become a Developed Country Eradicating Corruption, Irregularities and Terrorism

Mohammed Shafi Uddin, CIP
General Manager
National Fish Company W.L.L
Pacific Aluminum Group
Kingdom of Bahrain
Executive Member of NRB CIP Association

Mohammed Shafi Uddin, an indomitable entrepreneurial businessman of Bangladesh, has been able to strengthen his position in the business arena of Bahrain in the Middle East. This self-confident, hardworking and well-planned man is the general manager of National Fish Company W.L.L. and Pacific Aluminum Group.
Mohammad Shafi Uddin a handsome and hardworking businessman was born on January 15, 1974 in an aristocratic family of Kunirbil village in Anwara upazila of Chittagong, Bangladesh. His father was late Alhaj Abdul Mannan and his mother was Hosne Ara Begum.
From childhood, Mohammed Shafi Uddin was very talented. He passed his SSC from Satbaria ML High School Chandanish and HSC from Quaish Burischar Sheikh Mohaamd City Corporation Degree College Chittagong. He has a natural inclination for becoming a businessman from his childhood as his grandfather was a successful businessman of his time and Mohammad Shafi was very close to him. At his young age, Mohammed Shafi Uddin thought that it is possible for him to create a positive impact for his family and country if he could lead his career in abroad. From this thinking, he went to Bahrain in June 1992. He was very young at that time. He successfully proved that youth is strength. He built his own business arena in Bahrain through his hardwork and dedication. He proved that entrepreneurs who succeed at business ownership are persistent. He is one of the founders of the National Fish Company W.L.L, which was established in 1999. Currently he is serving as the General Manager of this company. In addition to Bahrain’s domestic market, this fish company exports processed fish to various countries, including Japan, South Korea and the United States. His company is one of the top fish exporters in Bahrain. Mohammad Shafi Uddin is a lifelong learner and he did not confine himself to four walls. He has attended a number of certified courses regarding food processing for his professional development across the world.
Mohammad Shafi Uddin expanded his business arena and entered into the aluminum manufacturing market of Bahrain by launching Pacific Aluminum Group in 2003. The products of Pacific Aluminum Group such as doors, gas, kitchen, fittings, furniture, etc manufactured by using aluminum are also exported to global market after meeting the demand of the local market. Moreover, Mohammad Shafi Uddin also launched a venture in Poland named Pacific Global and he is the director of this venture. He became a significant contributor of the remittance and in recognition of sending remittances, he received the Respectable Commercially Important Person (CIP) status from the Government of Bangladesh in 2014.He thinks that in order to make Bangladesh a developed country, everyone has to provide maximum cooperation and fulfill their responsibilities from their respective positions.
In Bahrain, more than two lakh Bangladeshis are engaged in various professions and trades. Mohammad Shafi Uddin has a very good reputation as a social worker among the Bangladeshi Community. Mr. Shafi is a honorable member of the Board of Directors of Bangladesh School Bahrain, He is now holding the chair of the president of Chittagong Club Bahrain and nominated the chief advisor of Bangladesh Business Forum in Bahrain. He is also an honorable executive member of CIP association Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Bahrain is a developed country and is developing day by day. Mr. Shafi Uddin thinks that there is a huge contribution of Bangladeshis who worked and are still working behind this development. He has expressed his satisfaction towards the discipline and rule of law of Bahrain and it’s law abiding citizen.
Mohammad Shafi Udiin has also expanded his business in Bangladesh. He is the Chairman of Rainbow Sea Food Ltd. Ctg. The company exports frozen fish to abroad, especially sea fish and shrimp. He is visionary person and he has visited around 30 countries in the world including USA, UK, Japan South Korea, Germany, Poland, Italy etc in order to expand his vision and philosophy towards life.
Though Mohammed Shafi Uddin has left Bangladesh at very young age, he did not forget his country. He has not forgotten his root and still cherished the moment that he has passed in his childhood at his birthplace. He has built a mosque in his village. He has been involved himself for helping the orphans through Satbaria Shah Amanat Senior Madrassha Chandanish Chittagong, which is centrally Managed by Dyemi Complex, Dhaka. This orphanage & Madrasha has been established by his ancestors.
Mr. Shafi Uddin also believes that youth are the backbone of the nation. He believes that the youth of Bangladesh will create the possibilities for themselves and will be the torchbearer of the journey of the country’s development. He sends his message for the youth of Bangladesh: “There is no limit to what you can accomplish for the good of mankind. So what can you do to make the world more beautiful? Take time to be alone, still, and quiet, to listen to the echoes of your heart. What is it telling you? Go and chase your dream. Bring the glory for your motherland”
Smart and patriotic business personality Mohammed Shafi Uddin thinks that government of Bangladesh can play a very vital role in the foreign labor market by sending people for employment with proper training. If the government can send skilled workers, remittance income can be increased ten times. He also demanded an end to irregularities, corruption and harassment of migrant workers in their native country.
Mohammed Shafi Uddin lives in Bahrain with his wife, This couple is blessed with two sons and two daughters.
Mohammed Shafi Uddin, an enlightened businessman of the time, hopes, “Bangladesh will soon become a developed country eradicating corruption, irregularities and terrorism.”


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