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Bangladesh will become an example of resilience in becoming a developed country from the bottom

Dr. Sezan Mahmud
A Luminary and Celebrated Physician-Scientist,
Writer, Lyricist and Filmmaker.

Dr. Sezan Mahmud a versatile, multi-talented and world-class leader in public health and medical academia. He is a celebrated and nationally awarded writer, lyricist and columnist of Bengali language. Officially known as Dr. Saleh Mahmudur Rahman, is one of the Bangladeshi immigrants for whom Bangladesh can feel proud for his notable works both as a medical scientist and as a writer. He received his M.B.B.S (M.D.) degree in medicine from Sir Salimullah Medical College, M.P.H degree from Harvard University School of Public Health and a Ph.D. degree from the UAB School of Public Health, Birmingham. He also has completed his IDF training fellowship in Endocrinology at Joslin Diabetes Center, Harvard Medical School.
He now works as the Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion and Professor of Medicine at the University of Central Florida (UCF) College of Medici e, Orlando, Florida. He is among few Bangladeshi who have received scholarships at the Harvard University for higher education. He is the first Asian who has received American Public Health Association Early Career Award, International Diabetes Federation Short Training Fellowship Award at Harvard Medical School and many other outstanding student and faculty awards from top institutions in the USA and in the world. He has been accorded with excellence in civil learning award for his extraordinary contribution and success in teaching and training and listed as top notable Bangladeshi-American along with many dignitaries. This recognition and achievement are not only made Sezan Mahmud proud but also put Bangladesh up high in recognitions. The University of Central Florida is the largest university in the USA with more than 70 thousand students. The standard of education and research system at the university is very high. There are 13,500 faculties in the university. In the university, 99 under graduate, 89 masters, 31 graduate doctorate, 30 professional doctorate and 3 specialized degree programs have been running. Bangladeshi-origin talented professor Sezan Mahmud is among the leaders in one of the best medical colleges where he is directing multiple programs. He has received numerous multi-million-dollar grants for research from the National Institute of Health.

Dr. Sezan Mahmud is a celebrated writer, lyricists, columnist and filmmaker. Sezan Mahmud published his debut novel “AgniBalak” (AwMœevjK) in 2009, well received by eminent writers and critics of contemporary Bengali literature. His book on the true, untold stories of Naval Commandos in the Liberation war (1971), is considered the very first docu-novel called Operation Jackpot (“Acv‡ikb R¨vKcU”, 1991). This book was translated into English by BBC journalist Sagar Chowdhury and published in Amazon Kindle version. His contribution to popularize the history of liberation war of Bangladesh to youngsters is noteworthy. His juvenile novel based on the liberation war (‘Moner Ghuri Latai’, 1992) was retold in the full-length feature film “Gourob” (‡MŠie) directed by nationally awarded film director Harunor Rashid. His writing has been selected and included by Bangladesh Text Book Board since 1996 in the sixth grade along with the most eminent writers of Bengali literature. Lashkata Ghar, a documentary film on the people called Dom (considered lower cast and untouchable) written and directed by Sezan Mahmud, has received 2014 Honorable Mention Award at the Richmond International Film Festival.
Sezan Mahmud wrote and tuned many popular songs sung by eminent singers of Bangladesh. Total, more than 100 songs are published in TV, radio, CD and other media. Some of his notable songs are Nelson Mandela (Fakir Alamgir), Bangabandhu (Debojit Saha), Kono Ek Sundori Rate (Samina Chowdhury), Ami noi shei Bonolata Sen, and Elomelo Chul (Kanak Chanpa), Amar duchokh diye (Tapan Chowdhury), Tobu bhalobashi amader Dhaka (Fakir Alamgir and others).
Sezan Mahmud is extremely prolific writer both in literature and scientific world. He has published so far 30 books in Bengali, more than 50 peer-reviewed journal articles, scientific essays and continuing writing at the current moment. His critically acclaimed novel is forthcoming in English from a worldwide publisher from United Kingdom in 2020. He is married to another notable Physician, scientist and actor Dr. Trishna Mahmud, they have two sons-Tishian Mahmud and Renoa Mahmud.


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