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Bangladesh will be built as a beautiful country which will be free from corruption, irregularity and injustice

Nahidul H. Khan
Khan Management Inc
Food and Fuel Company LLC
Khan Investment LLC
Bengal Partner Inc

Those Expatriate Bangladeshis who could brighten the image of Bangladesh abroad through establishing business and industrial estates, Nahidul H. Khan, a business entrepreneur personality, is one of them. He is an inhabitant Duluth from Georgia State, United States of America.
This fair looking handsome entrepreneur is the President of Khan Management Inc. Food and Fuel Company LLC, Khan Investment LLC and Bengal Partner Inc.
Nahidul was born in a respectable Muslim family of Munshiganj District. He was a student of KK Government Institution; He studied two years college for his HSC, Haraganga College Munshiganj, Bachelor of Arts. Major: Economics. Minor: Political Science, under University of Dhaka.
When expatriate Bangladeshis are earning their livelihood by doing so-called odd jobs, Nahidul is fortunate enough. He is an investor in Real Estate and entrepreneur in a country like USA. The Real Estate which he owns is called Khan Investments LLC. He has provided home, land and apartments to innumerable people by this time. Many Expatriate Bangladeshis consider him as a real well-wisher, the reason is Nahidul has created opportunity for them to live in their own habitats. Nahid H. Khan’s Major Business includes commercial real estate investment and stock market investment. Specialized in gas station & small shopping centers, his business model is to buy distressed & closed commercial property and renovate or rebuild, then lease those or sell for profit. His wife Nasima Khan is a Lover of beauty and an ultra-modern woman. They have built a garden of ‘Rajanigandha’ in their courtyard. This gives the beauty and good smelly fragrance. The whole courtyard is over flown with the fragrance of Rajanigandha flowers in the evening. Such Sweet perfume enchants everybody. Though Nahidul lives abroad but his mind is always at home. He comes often to Bangladesh when time and opportunity permits. He is engrossed in many social welfare activities of his Locality at home. He is an educationist. He always financially contributes to School, College, Madrasah and Mosque and helps disadvantaged persons. He is doing business in different States of USA including Ohio and Columbia in particular. A dreamer and self-reliant Nahidul H. Khan is very uncompromising when the question of quality comes up, He through his Bengal Partners Inc. products has made available in USA and marketing there. This brightens Bangladesh image in the USA day after day. Nahidul is also working for Bangladesh community in the State of Georgia. About 35 to 40 thousand expatriate Bangladeshi lives in the Georgia State.
Dreamer entrepreneur Nahidul through his ‘Management Inc, has been training up Bangladeshis youngsters in various professions. So when a person doing so called Odd job gets only 1200/1500, US$ per month but professionally skilled one gets US$ 20 to 25 thousand per month.
Nahidul is a self-reliant man. Right time, right action, he always maintains. Socially conscious Nahidul H. Khan is hopeful that Bangladesh will be built as a beautiful country which will be free from corruption, irregularity and injustice.


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