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Bangladesh is like a heaven for investment

Mohd. Nurul Mostafa
Chairman, Brand Group
Managing Director, New Future Co. W.L.L.

Mohammad Nurul Mostafa Khokon, is one of those business magnets who has obtained success at home and abroad as an entrepreneur business personality. This celebrated person comes from Sandwip, Chittagong surrounded by rivers. This international reputed person is the founder chairman of Brand Group. His father Munshi Nurul Mostafa deeply thought about Bangladesh and its people.
This creative person not only happy attaining his bright future through business & trade, he also helped many boyhood friends by giving them financial support & cooperation. He helped them to attain self-sufficiency. He is rendering crucial role in the economy of Bangladesh. Being imbued with the sense of humanism, this man is rendering help and financial support to the poor, school, college, Madrasha of his locality. Meanwhile he has already spent taka 42 Lac from his own resource for building Purba Sandwip High school auditorium. Meritorious student Mohammad Nurul Mostafa obtained SSC from Sandwip Model High School and Diploma from Chittagong Government Polytechnic. Later he graduated in Diploma Engineering from Germany. Having Completed Education, he went to state of Qatar where he invested in Business. When he started his life in Qatar, the gulf State since then has gone through a radical change and now it is a one of the developed country. This far sighted, laborious person brought a radical change in his own life in a planned way. Now he is the prince of Bangladesh expatriate business community. He could also heighten the Bangladesh image abroad. He always thinks of a beautiful and golden Bangladesh.He is now working in a bid to develop Bangladesh further in business & trade, Education and infrastructure. Whenever he gets time, he comes to most beautiful Dhaka’s unparallel High Security “Royal Paradise” palace “Royal Paradise” Leaving glittering Middleeast city Doha, capital of the State of Qatar.
He says, a huge demand for manpower exists in abroad. But neither the government nor private sector is seen eager to the development of this sector as yet. I think this sector has a great contribution to stabilize the economy of the country. Due to absence of bargaining agents, our labours do not get considerable salaries. Nepal, Pakistan authorities have fixed 1500 Qatar Real for their single individual labour and also nature of work. But innumerable Bangladeshi workers are there who get only 800 to 1000 QR per month. And also their nature of work undefined. We need to send skilled workers after giving them proper training. In this regard, the government should come forward first, he adds.
He still feels that there exist bureaucratic problem in Bangladesh. He thinks that there is no alternative to one stop service. We need to implement it. He further believes, “Bangladesh is like a heaven for investment. If one stop service is implemented, the overall country’s economy will change drastically.”
Corruption is also a key hindrance to the development of Bangladesh. it is now everywhere in government agencies. There is no accountability in the country. The governemtn is trying best to curb these problems but government can’t do it alone. He thinks, we all should work together to eradicate these evils from our country. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announced “Zero tolerance” against corruption. He hopes that the authorities should execute this irrespective of political party or opinion.
There are hundreds of thousands educational institutions in the country. Most of the institutions used to impart general or Madrash education. He thinks that educational system should be overhauled. From the beginning of the study, technical education should be imparted to the students. If the students are provided technical education properly, they can do work in abroad as skilled worker. The current government has established training institutions so that our worker can get better job in abroad after taking from these institutions.
To establish digital Bangladesh is a very hard task. It is encouraging that work has begun in this regard. He hopes that Bangladesh will turn as an economic powerhouse soon.
Though he stays aboard most of his time but always thinks about his motherland. He tries to brighten the image of Bangladesh through his works. He used to go to his village Sandwip whenever he gets time. He says, we shouldn’t forget our roots because its our identity.


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