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Bangladesh is also now well-known in the sports world

Kazi Sarwar Habib CIP
Pizza Express Japan Limited

The meritorious young people of Bangladesh have been conquering the world of business one after another. They also have steadfast steps in the developed world, Kazi Sarwar Habib is one of these people who has achieved widespread publicity & good name in Japanese hotel business particularly fast food. A citizen of both Bangladesh and Japan, Kazi has won Bangladesh government’s recognition of CIP (Commercially Important Person) for his unprecedented business success.
By birth a Bangladeshi national, this Japanese national was born December 1, 1977 in Dhaka. His father Kazi Shahjahan and mother Hasne Ara Akhtar. Now he is a permanent resident of Uttara, Dhaka. He resides much of his time in Tokyo because of his work. There in Tokyo, he has some food factories like that of pizza. He is the President of Pizza Express where his share percentage is 100%. He is also the President of K.S Japan Ltd where his share percentage is 70%. He is the Chairman of Shafwan Developers Ltd which is one of the most popular company in housing sector. He is the CEO of Japan-Bangladesh combined company Furushima (BD) Limited and Managing Director of Genuie & A-ray (BD) Ltd. Through this organization, the economic relationship between Bangladesh and Japan established very good relationship in the non-government department between two countries. From this, Bangladesh has been benefited a lot. Imbued with youthfulness Entrepreneur businessman Kazi Sarwar Habib was born in a respectable family.
Meritorious Habib obtained his SSC from Mirpur Shaheed Police Smrity School in 1992. Later, he went to Japan and took admission to Urban Transport Planning program at Tokyo University. Tokyo in 1999 and obtained BSc (Hons) degree in 2003. He concluded graduation level education in 2005 MSc degree from the same university. Kazi Sarwar Habib also got professional degree. He obtained a one-year professional and business degree in Express Tokyo in Business Management & Administration in 2004 and also special training and took part in seminar which upgraded his professional expertise in 2004, 2006, 2007 and 2008. And this expertise imbued him to involve in business. Then he established Express Japan Limited and Furushima (BD) Limited. He is the President of franchise owner of International Restaurant Chain and Garments Products Inspection company. Highly Laborious Kazi Sarwar Habib is associated with a good number of clubs and Business Organizations. Those include Dhaka club Limited, Uttara Club Limited, Kurmitola Golf Club. He is a Member of the Standing Committee of Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI), Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan and British Chamber of Commerce and Industry. His wife Kazi Silvia Tasnima is an ideal housewife.
Far-sighted and meritorious Kazi Sarwar Habib thinks that if we wish to bring Bangladesh to the level of a Developed country, it is not only just gossiping, we need a proper planning. Bangladeshis are meritorious and laborious, but their qualities to be needed to apply according to environment and pertaining situation. Specially avoiding political violence, we need to work together for national interests. As democratic system to be evolved so political unrest to be demolished.
This meritorious Youngman Kazi travelled to many countries. He is a person interested in trade and business also equally sports. He is very adapt in golf. He says Bangladesh is now well-known in the sports world too today.


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