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Bangladesh has an industry-friendly environment for which many companies are keen to set up their businesses here

Dato′ Md. Ekramul Haque
Managing Director
Taufika Group

Dato′ Md. Ekramul Haque is a Civil Engineer, MBA possesses more than 20 years’ experience in different business sector of Bangladesh and Malaysia, where he moved in early 90’s as a Director of BEL Construction Sdn Bhd, a company incorporated in Malaysia. The company has great contribution to the development of telecommunication and energy sector in Malaysia. More than 2000 km of High Tension Transmission Line and few hundreds of Telecommunication Base Station projects were successfully implemented in Malaysia as well as in Bangladesh under the dynamic leadership of Dato′ Md. Ekramul Haque. The in depth knowledge and expertise in the management of large turnkey construction project, development of telecommunication infrastructure, power Generation plant etc. have made Dato′ Haque a successful entrepreneur.
Dato′ Haque is now, the Managing Director of Taufika Group consisting of Taufika Engineering Limited, Taufika Energy Co. Ltd, Taufika Foods and Agro Industries Limited, Deltamarge Sdn Bhd, and Cynzer Energy Services Ltd. OCTENNmobile is a popular brand name in the mobile handset market in Bangladesh and Dato′ Haque has introduced the brand Again “LOVELLO” is the new brand in the ice cream industry in Bangladesh and LOVELLO is being produced and marketed by Taufika Foods and Agro Industries Limited. “LOVELLO” has earned good name and reputation within a very short period of time after its penetration in the market.
Taufika Group has an annual turnover of BDT 500 crore having 2000 staff in various departments under the leadership of Dato′ Haque.
Dato′ Haque is an enterprising figure. He thinks, Bangladesh needs to set up more industries which will create more jobs for the unemployment youth of the country. He believes, his motherland has an industry-friendly environment for which many companies are keen to set up their businesses here.
Dato′ Md. Ekramul Haque is also involved in several community development and social welfare activities. He is the founder of a few educational institutions, which offer free education to under privileged children of the Bangladesh. He was bestowed with the Gold Medel for two consecutive years in 2009 and 2010 by Ishwar Chandra Bidya Shagoreand Lalon Academy for his outstanding achievement in the area of commerce and industry. He has received a title “Dato” conferred to him by the Sultan of Pahang state of Malaysia as recognition to his contribution society and to the development of Malaysia in telecommunication & transmission industry.
Dato′ Haque was one of the founder Sponsor Director and share holder of NRB Bank Limited, a well reputed fourth generation schedule bank in Bangladesh.
Dato′ Md. Ekramul Haque is a genuine businessman having vast experience in the line of businesses he is engaged in. He possesses excellent business acumen and the capability to run any business ventures; he intends to get involve in, with much efficiency and the capacity towards accomplishment.

About Taufika Group
Under Taufika Group these are the business houses:

Taufika Engineering Ltd (TEL):
involved in engineering business including design and built of steel or RCC building, Project Management, turnkey general civil construction etc.

Taufika Energy Co. Ltd :
involved in power business and marketing of cellular mobile phone under the brand name “OCTENN”, also supply and installation of medical equipment to Government of Bangladesh.

Taufika Foods & Agro Industries Ltd (TFAIL) :
under establishing a brand new ice cream factory for production & marketing of ice cream under brand name “LOVELLO”.

Deltamerge Sdn Bhd :
involved in trading business in various items.

“More Than 2000 Employee Are Working In The Group With A Annual Turn Over of App BDT 500 Crore”


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