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Bangladesh has a great potentiality in pharmaceutical industry

Md Jahirul Islam
ABH Pharma Inc
ABH Nature’s Inc

Dream takes human being towards future. Every human wants to turn his or her dream in truth. Jahirul Islam is one of these dreamers who has not only succeeded to establish a medicine industry in a developed and powerful country America but also uplift the image of Bangladesh there.

Jahirul Islam was born in a respectable muslim family in Habiganj district of greater Sylhet. He put sign of his talent in study from his childhood.He obtained pharmacy degree from a Hong Kong University. On that time, many people thought that he would join to any company as pharmacist. But he didn’t do that. The meritorious Jahirul Islam set up a vitamin manufacturing factory with a view to esnuring health services for common people.
Jahirul Islam came to New York in 1998 and set up a vitamin factory which name is ‘ABH Nature Products’. Through establishing this factory, he gradually became a industrialist and an entrepreneur. Setting up a industry in New York, he proved if someone has desire and self-confident then it is not impossible to become an entrepreneur.

The journey of drug industry ‘ABH’ was started in Farmingdale. Then it was only a vitamin medicine manufacturing factory. But Jahirul dreamt for something big. Later, he shifted his factory to Edgewood in New York. He then set up a big industry measuring 60000 square feet area. About 100 educated people got the opportunity to work in this factory. Beside manufacturing vitamin items, pharmaceutical items are also being manufactured now. ‘ABH Pharma’ is the name of different kinds of high-quality medicine manufacturing company. Jahirul Islam is among those fortunate people who became as an entrepreneur in the most sensitive drugs industry showing bravery.

ABH Pharma has not only got recognition in America but also in different countries including Europe. This company has got the recognition as a trusted one in medicine world thorough manufacturing required medicines and marketing these for a standard human life.
A dreamer, confident and experienced entrepreneur Jahirul Islam thinks it is very important for the human being to stay healthy. As he studied in pharmaceutical, he was very much interested to involve himself in drugs sector. He also showed others that the Bangladeshi origin people can also become successful in industry sector.

ABH Pharma has already been awarded with GMP certificate for the recognition of high-quality of medicine. It is also PDA registered company. The physicians of America including other countries prescribe the medicines of this company. There is a self stock in different pharmacy to keep the medicine of this company. Except vitamin medicine, this company manufactures capsule, tablet, powder and soft gels for various diseases.
Jahirul Islam wife’s name is Swapna Khanam who is also a hardworking woman. Though she is a housewife, she also helps her husband in business activities. The couple is blessed with three daughters and a son. The eldest daughter Shahina Islam is studying in Biochemistry. Now she is vice-president of his father’s business firm ABH. The second daughter Selina Islam is a well-known physician. She is working at Medical Centre of Rutgers University in New York. Their third daughter Samina Islam is a lawyer who is working at Kew Garden Psychiatric Hospital. Their sole son Raihanul Islam Bijoy achieved double major in Business and Finance.

During a private conversation, a brave entreprenur Jahirul Islam said there is a thought and aim behind any initiative. I don’t set up pharma industry or factory only for profit. I think we should take an initiave which can upgrade the image of Bangladesh. Considering this fact, I established pharmaceutical factory. He also says once Bangladeshi Immigrants only did odd jobs here. But now a huge change has been made. Many people can engage themselves with different respectable professions which is nice to look at.

In reply to a question, he said that he is also interested to invest in Bangaldesh. He thinks that now there exists an industry-friednly environment in Bangladesh. Once, hartal, terrorist’s activities and arson made a great loss to the country. But, he also urged to take effective measures to eradicate corruption and irregularities from the country so that the development process can be implemented smoothly.


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