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“Bangladesh government provides opportunities to NBR entrepreneurs to invest in the country”

MR Khan Shahin, CIP
Joint Secretary-General
NRB CIP Association

Md. Mahmudur Rahman Khan (Shahin) is one of the dreamers of Bangladesh who started his journey with an intention to establish himself in a world’s best country through his qualifications. He has now widely known as M R Khan (Shahin) in Hong Kong’s Business World. M R Khan (Shahin) has been playing an important role in the economic progress of this country.

MR Khan Shahin is a bright son of the country. He was born in an educated aristocratic family in Noakhali in 1968. His father’s name is late Abdus Satter Khan and mother late Salema Khatun. His father was a railway officer. He spent most of his student life in Chittagong. He passed SSC in 1985 from Nasirabad Govt School, Chittagong and HSC in 1987 from Chittagong Government Commerce College with good results. In HSC examination, he secured second place in Commerce Group in Comilla Board. He completed his Master of Commerce with honors in Accounting from University of Dhaka in 1993.

At that time, the recruitment for the post of Senior Officer/Financial Analyst in the state-owned banks of the country was going on through competitive examination. In 1994, he was hired as a Financial Analyst at Sonali Bank. But, he didn’t join to Sonali Bank. Although other educated youths of the country applied to go to America and European countries, M R Khan (Shahin) made an exceptional decision. He moved to Hong Kong in late 1994.

The number of Bengalis in Hong Kong was negligible. He got a job in a private company by dint of his skills and talents. He spent two years in a well-paid job in a private company. Then, he thought that there was no risk of salary if he got a job, but it would only build his own fortune. There will be no opportunity to do anything for the country and its people. From this thinking, he started his business in garment accessories sourcing and consolidating in 1996. M R Khan (Shahin) is the first batch of Bengalis to conduct business in Hong Kong.

M R Khan (Shahin) checks the feasibility before taking any initiative. He established Rk Resource Company Ltd in 1997 with an aim of doing trading house related to garment sector, export-import business and exporting raw materials to Bangladesh. He is the President and CEO of this company. Through Rk Resources Company M R Khan Shahin has become able to invest a huge amount foreign currency from Hong Kong to Bangladesh every year.

Bangladesh government has honored M R Khan (Shahin) with a Commercially Important Person (CIP) for his significant contribution in the national economy through NRB sector. CIP M R Khan (Shahin) says, the industrial and business sector of Bangladesh can rapidly be improved if the government and entrepreneurs pay special attention to foreign fund sourcing. He says that when an entrepreneur borrows from bank at a high interest rate in the country, it is undoubtedly risky to survive in the business sector because the current world is a world of competition. Entrepreneurs in many countries are producing products with only 2% interest or low interest loans and in this way they are able to keep the price of their products low. As a result, it becomes difficult for our entrepreneurs to survive in the international market. Again, the goods that are imported in the country, the domestic products are beaten by the foreign products due to the low price of those products. For this reason, he favors of bringing foreign funds through sourcing for entrepreneurs. He opines, banks can also collect these funds and provide to investors at low interest rate.

Referring to the present government as a ‘business-friendly’, he says, “Bangladesh government provides opportunities to NBR entrepreneurs to invest in the country. NRB Bank has also been established here.”

Regarding the issues of default loans, M R Khan (Shahin) says, it happens due to delay in getting bank loans in the country, corruption, and in many cases giving loans to entrepreneurs and proposed industrial businesses without proper verification.
A loyal businessman M R Khan (Shahin) says that every bank needs an ‘Asset Manager’ who will arrange low-interest loans between banks and entrepreneurs in connection with sourcing. He is the Joint Secretary-General of the NRB CIP Association.
M R Khan (Shahin) has got married to Shahnaz Mahmud. They are blessed with 1 daughter and 2 sons. The elder daughter is studying in Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania, USA. The other two children are studying in Hong Kong.
According to M R Khan (Shahin), children are not only an asset to their parents but also an asset to the society and country. Invest on children’s education is the best investment. To make a developed country, we must raise them with proper education.



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