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Aziz Al Mahmood

Aziz Al Mahmood

Aziz Al Mahmood had his graduation from London. Having finished his academic life, he joined the Partex Star Group at a comparatively early age. But for him age was won over by the attributes of his in-born leadership quality, exposure to reputed academic environment, family grooming and pragmatic outlook that was remarkable from his very childhood. The Group’s Board of Directors along with the corporate rank and file found his presence in a unique equation. He demonstrated an appreciable skill in helping the Group’s ascendancy to more corporate efficacy and elevation to newer heights.
The Family legacy and his own inherent qualities gave him a great sense of value and direction. An industrial entrepreneur, Mahmood has set up and successfully executed several industrial undertakings in Bangladesh.
Mahmood is presently the Managing Director of Danish Condensed Milk (BD) Ltd, Danish Milk (BD) Ltd., Danish Foods Ltd., Danish Distribution Network Ltd., Rubel Steel Mills Ltd., Danish Dairy Farm Ltd., Partex Tissue Ltd., Ferrotechnic Ltd., Shubornobhumi Housing Ltd., VOICETEL Ltd., Sky Telecommunication Ltd., Giovana Denim Mills Ltd. and Danish Multipurpose Farm Ltd. In addition, he is also a Director of a number of companies of Partex Star Group.
He is actively engaged with a number of social and philanthropic organizations of national stature, without forgetting his root of origin.
Aziz Al Mahmood completed his graduation from the US International University, based in London and joined Partex Group, his family business, in Bangladesh. With his excellent leadership, pragmatic outlook and hard work, he became Director of the companies of Partex Group. Mahmood, as Managing Director, has successfully steered enterprises within the Partex Star Group and turned them into highly profitable ventures. Mahmood is also the Director of The City Bank Limited and Phoenix Insurance Company Ltd. Mahmood is an active participant of different philanthropic activities and charitable institutions of Bangladesh.
Financing is much more than just a monetary transaction. Every transaction has a purpose, and our purpose is to finance happiness.
What started as a single product lease finance company back in 1985 with 5 staff members, 35 years down the line, emerged as the largest multi-product multi-segment Non-Banking Financial Institution in the country. As one of the most respected financial brands in the industry, IDLC Finance Limited holds a strong and diversified footing in Corporate, SME, Retail, and Capital Market segments.
Today, IDLC marks its presence in over 20 cities, represented by 40 branches and booths with over 1400 employees, serving over 45,000 clients. However, it would be constricting to say that IDLC is merely involved in the financing business, as they try to do something more. They strive to help people achieve their dreams – the dream of owning a home, the dream of sending their children to a bigger school, the dream of going on a picnic in the family car, the dream of starting a business, or that of expanding it, the dream of generating more employment, the dream of taking the nation to greater heights.
To this extent, what really drives them is not only the number of people they employ, or the number of customers they serve, but the number of lives they have touched. While profits are important, they also take immense pride in being the reason for countless smiles.

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