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AVS emerges as a popular and famed company across the world

Rafiq Khan
AVS Group USA, Inc.

Rafiq Khan, a visionary and self-confident Bangladeshi American, is the founder and president of AVS Group. This group is a full service architectural & digital signage and fixtures manufacturer that not only offers the finest quality craftsmanship, dynamic customer service, and the best competitive solution in the USA, but also throughout the entire world. The entrepreneur and owner of this group, Rafiq Khan, is an expert individual in modern business culture. He has more than 25 years of experience in visual work, graphic design, and project management. Hardworking and industrious, Rafiq Khan is involved in each activity from the beginning to the end of any job. As a result, he has acquired a special insight about the work concerned. Thus, Rafiq Khan has become a creative careerist. He is also the Chairman of AVS Signage & Visuals, Bangladesh, as well as the founder and president of the AVS Foundation.
Rafiq Khan started his visual business career in the 1990s as an advertising agency owner and art director. In the early 2000’s, he joined as vice president of a large visual and signage company in New York City, where he served for 11 years. He was responsible for operation of the business there. As a result, he gained the opportunity to gain extensive experience and skills. In 2012, he founded an organization called Architectural Visual Solution (AVS) well known as AVS Signage & Visuals. AVS has gained popularity as a reputed organization.
In recent years, AVS started investing in the real estate business in America, primarily in New York, under the business name AVS Real Estate. AVS Real Estate has already invested and developed several properties in Queens and Long Island area. Rafiq Khan is the Vice President and his wife, Molly Khan, is the President of the company.
AVS is also the manufacturer and supplier of AVS brand LED module lights, LED strip lights and LED drivers for signage, display, and architecture. AVS LEDs and power supply/drivers are energy efficient and UL certified in the United States of America and Canada. Furthermore, Rafiq has also developed his own brand of large format CNC router machine, called AVS CNC. This brand of CNC router can cut/engrave shapes with a wide range of materials such as wood, acrylic, PVC, aluminum, brass, bronze, etc.
Rafiq Khan is very enthusiastic and hard-working individual who has already earned much praise for his quality work and fast service. He has been involved in this industry after taking formal education. He has completed UL University courses in electric signs, LED signs, HID signs, Neon signs, Incandescent signs, Section signs, Fluorescent signs, and much more. He completed the Flow Master CAD programming and Direct Drive Pump HP Maintenance for world’s leading waterjet cutting machine and the Trumpf’s ToPs 100 programming for world famous lasercutting machine. He also successfully completed super wide format VUTEk printing machine operation and maintenance training.
Rafiq Khan is also an expert in various fields of industry such as Standard Applications and Software, especially Adobe Creative Clouds, Corel Draw Graphic Suites, AutoCAD, Autodesk inventor, and other CNC CAD/CAM Software. He also has extensive experience in Prepress processes, PostScript fonts, and illustrations. He is also an expert in Image quality solutions, color management, project management and computer networking and solving problems. Rafiq is also extremely knowledgeable about a variety of materials and has extensive vendor resources.
Rafiq Khan has received training from the US Department of Labor and OSHA Compliance on safety and health measures. He has also gained knowledge over the construction sector. He is a skilled and authorized member of the Secure Worker Access Consortium (SWAC).
AVS Group works with the best quality architects, contractors, and designers to ensure the best quality product materials or construction for its customers. To do this they used to monitor the overall artwork in detail and act according to the customer’s requirements and budget to ensure the best results with right solution. The services that AVS provides include the use of dimensional characters and logos, illuminated signboards, tabletops, and floor displays. They do various kinds of printing and different sizes of signboards including laser cutting. They make eye-catching signboards and carvings efficiently. In other words, AVS has no equal in making signboards attractive for any product. They make murals, barricades, architectural signboards, directional signboards, souvenirs, shop front signboards, illuminated and non-illuminated signboards, dimensional letters, and logos.
The firm has been able to gain an important position in the established fields of signage, displays, fixtures arenas well as in real estate in United States.


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