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Global Health Academy on the Verge of Curing Glioblastoma

Atiquer Rahman
President & CEO
Global Health Academy

Atiquer Rahman is the Founder of Global Health Academy. The mission of the Global Health Academy is to improve the field of medical education within the United States as well as at international level. The goal is to implement new constructive changes to the old educational curriculum and solve problems. Resources are provided to help students achieving success in the medical education programs.

Currently, Mr. Atiquer Rahman and Dr. Sultan Salahuddin Ahmed, Chairman of Global Health Academy, has been working closely with Dr. Appu Rathinavelu, PhD. Professor, Executive Director, Rumbaugh- Goodwin Institute of Cancer Research, NOVA Southeastern University and Bangladesh Cancer Society with the leadership of Professor Obayedullah Baki and Professor Faruque Ahmed to implement a new medication for Glioblastoma, an extremely aggressive form of brain cancer.
Mr. Rahman was elected as the Executive Vice-President of the Bi-National Chamber of Commerce (ABICC), acquainted with 43 countries, and also is the Advisor of the International Business Council of Florida, with over 20 years of experience in the development and operations of Chambers of Commerce. Atiquer Rahman brings many years of experience in International Sales, Global Marketing, Business Development, and Ownership and Management of many businesses. Atiquer Rahman has successfully promoted international trade in South Florida and internationally through a series of conferences, seminars, ribbon cutting ceremonies, tradeshows, trade missions in which he built strong and strategic alliances with trade and business leaders within organizations in the US and Bangladesh. Mr. Rahman established a solid foundation to build a global organization to serving the international trade needs for the business community. He accomplished this through meetings with high-level government officials and by attending international events, where he was recognized and awarded numerous times for his outstanding service to the business community.

Atiquer Rahman is currently associated with Sunshine Gasoline Distribution since 1993, a renowned Gasoline Distributor. Mr. Rahman is the Gasoline dealer for Exxon, Chevron, and Marathon. Atiquer Rahman is currently President of the Global 6 USA Inc. Global 6 promotes US products in Southeast Asia by Franchising, Importing, Exporting, and Trade, promoting and marketing of Bangladeshi products to US and South America.
Mr. Rahman has served twice as the Chairman of the Federation of Bangladesh Association of North America (FOBONA), first in 2005-2006 and second time in 2017-2018. As a recognition to his outstanding contributions for the country, he was awarded from Bi-National Chamber of Commerce, Florida. He promoted Bangla Culture to USA and was awarded Bangla Literature and Cultural Award 1996, Rabindra Award 2006, Kazi Nazrul Islam Award-2010, Chevron Gold Award 2014-2015, 2016,
Mr. Rahman currently serves as the President of the Bangladesh American Chamber of Commerce (BACC) in Florida.


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